Baeth DavisBaeth Davis, intuitive business catalyst, joins Jennifer Urezzio to talk about living your spiritual purpose. Baeth explains how understanding your life’s greatest challenge can lead you to living your life’s purpose. She helps people understand the kryptonite in their business and how to overcome it.  Listen in as Jennifer and Baeth discuss the power of living your spiritual purpose.

Hello everyone and welcome. I’m Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language. This is SuperPowers of the Soul. Today is a really exciting special guest. Her name is Baeth Davis. The topic is Living Your Spiritual Purpose.

Just a little bit of background before I say, “Hi” to Baeth. Baeth is one of the catalysts of my own journey. It’s really exciting that I get to talk to her today. She’s an amazing individual. I’m so excited to welcome her to the show. Welcome, Baeth.

Thank you, Jennifer. It’s a true delight, honor, pleasure, and wonder to be here today. I am really happy to be here with you.

I am really happy as well. We’ve talked more over the last year, but what I love about Baeth in our relationship is, we’ll go for years without talking and then we’ll pick up the same conversation we left off. It’s that flowy and easy. I think that’s really about consciousness and true connection. My favorite first question is, what do you consider the super power of your soul?

The super power of my soul is helping people identify their soul's purpose or their spiritual purpose, primarily, from what I would call their biological imprint or design

The super power of my soul is helping people identify their soul’s purpose or their spiritual purpose, primarily, from what I would call their biological imprint or design.

The super power of my soul is helping people identify their soul’s purpose or their spiritual purpose, primarily, from what I would call their biological imprint or design. I use a number of different tools to do this, primarily, scientific hand analysis. I help someone figure out why they came to earth, why they incarnated. What I do is, I help them activate their inner wealth which isn’t just money.


It’s all forms of prosperity. The activation go smoothly or roughly depending on the person, because the activation requires this huge, huge level of trust. That’s one of the things I’m noticing the effect of my superpower is that the person has to be really ready to let go of a lot of conditioning to step into it.

Yeah. I think, with anything, right? There’s all of this no information coming in. It’s really about, you have everything you need inside you. It’s how you direct it, how you utilize it through pattern and programming, which is going to cost suffering, either great or small or through consciousness which is pure energy of that soul. You touched a little bit and gave us little nuggets there about what your sacred purpose is. We often define sacred purpose over here in Soul Language, SuperPower Up!, as what you are profoundly here to experience and then offer that experience to others. What would you consider your sacred purpose?

My sacred purpose? Well, I consider the same thing as my super power. Are they different?

No. Well, that depends in your viewpoint, but yeah. Elaborate about how that sacred purpose is shown off in your life then.

That is a really good question. I, back in my late 20s, was working in marketing and super bored. That’s when someone introduced me to hand analysis. I was very resistant. This is one thing I would say to anyone listening today to this interview. “To notice the good things trying to come into our lives that we resist.” Particularly if they repeatedly come into our lives. After rebuffing my friend, the first time, she came back seven more times and finally, I relented. I said, “Okay, I will meet your hand analyst lady and get my palms red.” It was, of course, one of the better decisions of my entire life to accept her persistence, to accept that offering.

In that experience, my purpose was revealed to me from my own hands as a spiritual teacher and business person acting as an innovative role model. That is really what it has turned out to be, is that I am a bit of a trailblazer in terms of being the first person to really get hand analysis online. I had that pointed out to me by another hand analyst. It wasn’t something that actually even occurred to me, but as I look back, I realize, “Oh, yeah.” That’s actually true. There’s a lot of people now bringing this amazing technology of the spirit to the world or the technology of self-discovery to the world. That was what was in my hands. I decided, in the midst of having that initial reading that I was going to believe that it was true. I was going to take it to heart, which I, indeed, did do.

I decided, “Okay, well, if I am a spiritual teacher and a business owner innovating and being a role model, well, I’d better be role model worthy, right?” Get my shoes together, as I like to say and learn more about spirituality, which I had already begun to do, of course, before I was even introduced to hand analysis. It probably started in earnest when I was a kid. My dad had learned some palm reading from a book by a guy named Cheiro. Cheiro was a famous palmist back in his time. I believe it was in the 1800s or early 20th Century. Cheiro wrote this book. My dad studied the book. He learned these little hand reading skills. He would entertain people at parties. I got very interested. He also was studying mind reading and telekinesis and intuition. This is on top of his work as a computer engineer. My dad is very curious and very open-minded and very much his own person. That inspired me.

In school, they asked us to do a report on something unusual. I did my report on palm reading. This is back when I was 10 or 11 years old. I still have the poster board.

I have the poster board. I’m looking at it right now because I told you I’ve been my apartment. I’ve been emptying out every drawer and every bookshelf and everything. I