Jennifer UrezzioJennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and Founder of Soul Language, joins Laura Greco on Super Power Mommas as they discuss parenting from the concept of consciousness. Jennifer is a master intuitive who uses her intuitive skills to help raise consciousness, she also hosts the SuperPowers of the Soul show on the SuperPower Up! Podcast. Soul Language is a paradigm to put tangibility to Soul. Jennifer is the author of: Soul Language Consciously Connecting To Your Soul for Success and A Little Book of Prayers. Listen in as Laura and Jennifer discuss the profound advantages of parenting through deepening the conscious connection between mommas, children and their Divine with the tool of Soul Language.

Welcome everyone. I am so excited that you are here. You are listening to SuperPower Mommas, a show that provides tools and strategies to navigate parenting in a peaceful and intuitively divinely inspired way. This show is providing these tools in order to help you to find harmony in your home while modelling this for your children. And I’m Laura Greco and I am so excited to be here with you today discussing parenting from the concept of consciousness.

I am here with both a guest and my dear friend and mentor Jennifer Urezzio and she is one who has spent many years in the field of conscious connection. Jennifer is the founder of Soul Language. She is a master intuitive, author of two books, and she teaches and speaks. She specializes in helping people connect to themselves and to each other in a divine way. This paradigm of soul language provides guidance and understanding our true nature and the tools for accessing deep levels of awareness. This new insight into how the soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches, and CEOs all over the world and as a method of helping people to recognize their purpose and live from a place of power and truth. Her modalities of strength include soul language, essential oils, kinesiology and she is also a mind mentor, teacher, and friend and I’m so excited to have her here with us today. So welcome Jennifer.

Hello Miss Greco. I’m so excited to be here.

Me too. Me too. We get to do this fun show together and I am so excited to have this audience hearing what your superpowers are. So would you like to let us know what they are?

Helping myself and others really see the conscious path

Helping myself and others really see the conscious path.

Yeah. I think my main superpower is really about helping myself and others really see the conscious path. You know I’m always gonna look at things about how to expand it, what’s the decision of fullness and completeness here and I think, sometimes it’s a super power for goodness and sometimes it’s a super power that backfires on myself because you know that’s not always as easy as we’d like it to be. But that’s my superpower. I mean you know besides being highly intuitive and blah, blah, blah but everyone can be intuitive. I think by real gift is to go, “Okay, here’s the path of consciousness. Where do you want to go from now?” And I have a really good way with words. I would like my superpower to be to manipulate time but I’m still working on that one.

Manipulate time. What do you mean, when you say that what do you think that will do? Like how-

Oh my God! That would be so fun. To like pop to the ’20s or pop to the future or slow down time so I could do all the laundry and then go do something fun. You know it’s always been my little fantasy, especially growing up, to manipulate time so I think it would be cool.

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Yeah, sounds fun. Sounds really fun. Well today our topic, of course, is parenting from the concept of consciousness and as you mentioned here your path is really to assist people to come into their conscious awareness. We’re all connected as you so often say.  However, we’re not always conscious of it and it creates sometimes disconnect in our families. Would you like to expand a little bit on that?

Yeah, you know I think what really and I’m writing a, kind of, a talk about this. I think what soul language does and what connection does and what you do for families are three things. One, we remind people that even though they think that they’re unloved, they are loved. We remind people that although they think they’re alone but they’re not and we remind people that there is profound resources. I think what happens with disconnection is that conflict that separation creates this disharmony and separation in us. Now, there are family experiences that immediately cause separation, feelings of not enough in a person, disconnect and those are usually very traumatic experiences and then there are the, kind of, the other things that happen which are still horrible to someone that’s experiencing them but they’re at different levels of disconnection.

That kind of thought that just popped in my head was you know not getting the Christmas present that you wanted could be taken in as a believe that you never get what you want. You never get what you ask for. You’re not loved enough to get what you need, right? When all of that is kind of within our system, then we make decisions based on that and I think what connection and bringing not just the parent into connection but having … Working with the parent to help the child be connected and to know how to consciously connect, that allows for a lot less patterns that are unsustainable to be generated within our system. Just like you would let a baby, we used to let babies self soothe, right? When they understand when a parent knows that their soul language … when they understand how they connect to their soul and then help their child to foster that in them, that allows for a whole bunch of possibilities of really experiencing profound love, rather than a lot of conflicts and limited patterns that are created because we grow up in a family.

Yeah we sure do. And all that that means, right? I love that you bring this out because when we think about the stories that are created in our minds about an incident that could be totally taken by someone else in a very different way, you know, same circumstance different viewpoint? It really helps us to understand that our … how we conduct ourselves in the world really is coming from something that’s long been forgotten in many ways. And yet, you know, where it originates and, yet, going forward, there it is triggering us, right? And creating … really manifesting ideas or, I’m sorry, manifesting evidence in our life that yes this is true.

Yeah, it’s the chicken and the egg right?

Yeah, right?

You know, and manifestation, all of it, is the chicken and the egg. Right?  What comes first, the thought or the thing? Or do they happen at the same time? And, you know, I mean, you could spend hours talking about manifestation and creating what you want. When it comes to that, that fundamental belief system, I think that … I think two things happen. I think one, every child’s, every soul, every … every body soul on this planet is born with kind of a default theme of how they’re going to hear their soul. Meaning it’s a default limiting belief that is a trigger for them to turn towards expansion and hear their soul more. Right? And that’s like the big theme of challenge.

It's a hero's journey to be a parent

It’s a hero’s journey to be a parent.

A lot of our experiences, because we have that fundamental belief which can be lessened and lessened and lessened, it creates these experiences that reflect that back and then there are the beliefs that are created based on experiences and reinforce beliefs as well. So, listen, it’s a hard job to be a parent. I’m not a parent. I have a cat who at the moment I can’t get to eat any wet food but she keeps crying for wet food. And I’m like I don’t know how pet … It’s a hero’s journey to be a parent. And what I think about helping people connect to their soul in general and especially with parents, it allows them a better starting place than if they didn’t. Right?


And so then they can make better decisions there. They are also aware of the beliefs that they’re handing over to their children.

Exactly. We are going to hold that thought and come right back. We have to take a quick break but you’ve been listening to Jennifer Urezzio with myself on SuperPower Mommas and we are discussing parenting from the concept of consciousness.

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