Thom SingerThom Singer, Certified Speaking Professional and author of 12 books about business, joins Neva Lee Recla to talk about cool entrepreneur kids. Thom has been featured as an Icon of Influence at Steve Olsher’s New Media Summit and is the host of the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast. So listen in and learn as he and Neva discuss what it takes to successfully write 12 books and how entrepreneur kids can do the same.

Hi kids! This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla.

And today, we have a very special treat for you. Today, our guest is Thom Singer. Thom is a certified speaking professional. He authored 12 books on business, and we were both icons of influence at Steve Ocean’s new media.

Today, we’ll be talking with Thom about cool entrepreneur kids.

So, without further ado, will you welcome our very special guest, Thom Singer?

Hi, Thom!

Hi, Neva, how are you?