Laura Layla Centorrino How does a relationship with the spirit realm help us in navigating loss? And what are the losses of the womb? In this episode, SLSP host Tatiana Berindei and womb wellness educator and seasoned healer Laura Layla Centorrino come together to answer these questions and more. Through story and sharing teachings they have gathered along their journeys, this conversation dives deep into the mystery of what it means to be a womb carrier who can hold both life and death inside of her. How to honor this sacred role, how to be with our grief and the importance of acknowledging the spirit realms are all addressed. Tune into this episode for a peek behind the curtain into some of the esoteric mysteries of the sacred feminine.

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Sex Love and Superpowers podcast show. I’m your host, Tatiana Berindei, and today I have with me a very special guest who has been on the show before but it was like way back. She was one of … She was like the third guest or something. So we’re talking with Laura Layla Centorrino today and we are going to be discussing womb losses, grief and the spirit realm. So those of you who listen to this show, know we are not afraid to talk about things that other people are not talking about, and today is one of those days we are digging in.

I am listening to wombs and spirits and really, really this world bridge role.

Let me tell you a little bit more about Layla before we get started, though. So Laura Layla Centorrino is a seasoned healer, priestess, and guide dedicated to transformation and evolutionary growth. She has 40 years working with individuals, couples and groups using multiple modalities, including semantic body work, energy work, guided visualization, birth repatterining, and earth-based, shamanic practices.

Her focus on womb wellness includes her teachings around ceremonial menstruation and ancestral healing, in addition to conscious baby and family making, and honoring the losses of our wombs. Laura’s experience and knowledge combined with her ability to hold sacred space make her sessions and courses relevant on the personal and global levels. She is a world bridger dedicated to the now and future generation. Welcome to the show again.

Yay. Thank you so much, Tatiana. I’m so happy to be here.

I’m so happy to have you here. So before we dive in, you want to give our listeners a taste of your superpowers?

Well, I’m definitely a womb whisper. That is for sure. I am listening to wombs and spirits and really, really this world bridger role. I’ve really embraced that title of walking in multiple dimensions, and have had the grace in my life to have right livelihood where I can be awakened in my psychic and spiritual powers and have that be part of the work I do and the way I live.

I feel really, really blessed for having connections to both the seen and the unseen realm, and having spent my life being and making those relationships, whether that’s the trees and the water or whether that’s my ancestors that have crossed over or other spiritual energies or the cosmos itself. I feel really blessed to know that what’s in front of me isn’t all there is.

Yeah, yeah. Well said. There’s a lot more than what we can pick up with our five senses, that’s for sure. Yeah. So I thought maybe before we dive in, obviously this is an intense topic that can go in a lot of different directions, and it’s not one that we talk about very often in our culture. I thought that it would be a good thing to maybe set up what we’re talking about when we’re talking about losses of the womb.

Yeah. Yeah. I’m really, really glad you’re saying that because I do think there’s ways that there’s the obvious losses that are more connected to the physical realm. So miscarriages, stillborn, abortions, there’s putting a child up for adoption, there’s surrogates. There’s also the losses of our womb itself, you know, hysterectomies, cancers, other surgeries and procedures. There’s childbirth, which is a whole big experience. And ever since ever both women and children have been dying in childbirth, and these things are intergenerational.

So part of understanding womb loss is that we may be carrying the imprint of a story from our mother’s womb or our grandmother’s womb. These may be stories that have been told or that haven’t been told, and then, on top of that, there’s all of the emotional losses, and losses in our psyche and our identity, because the culture, we have so much identity, whether that was ever since I was a little girl, me saying, “I’m going to have two kids.” Or whether it’s just the status of being a mother has a certain … It comes with a certain value in a certain role, or whether I’ve just had this longing to be a mother.

So the women that don’t get to be mothers, there’s a whole emotional loss and identity loss that happens with that. There’s the confusions that happen at empty nest where we have become so identified with being a mother that when we don’t have children at home, we really don’t know who we are. Then there’s the things that happen in childbirth where your birth goes some other way, and there’s very deep ways that we can feel like a failure if things happen and we don’t feel totally a choice.

Any of those things that I’ve already named, if you’ve had any kind of a procedure or including childbirth, there may be these mixtures of feelings of violation that have happened. And then there’s the realms of more traumas, sexual traumas, rapes and things like that where we may not have lost our womb, but we may have lost connection with our female power and the power of our womb.

Then that includes all the realms around birth control, and women that aren’t even bleeding. So they have no connection to their own rhythm and their own cycle and how the female body works as a cyclical being and all of the connections to that that can create so much disconnection. And, again, these feelings of loss, disempowerment, failure, confusion.

When I talk about these losses and even the grieving of these things, which we hardly make room for, it’s … There’s a really broad … It’s wide, the basket is large.

It’s huge.

That can hold that can hold all of these things. And I want to say one other thing is with the infertility, so many women on such a journey, women and men, couples on such a journey to make a baby. And now we have all the assisted fertilization and all of those things, which essentially set you up for miscarriages that are generally unheld emotionally. So it’s profound how much is happening.

The healing really starts with first acknowledging and naming, and then beginning to find a way of honoring this sacred vessel that we get to be carriers of.

It’s so much … I know. It’s fascinating to me because I … This was exactly what was coming up in a session with a client that I had yesterday, it was exactly this conversation around the loss of connection with our wombs, and this really is, as women, this is the seed of our power.

Yet you look around at what’s happening culturally right now and most of the focus around menstruation, it’s like, “You want to get rid of your period.” Right? It’s this horrible curse that comes every month that you just want to wish away, and so you take all of these chemicals and you know, you put all these hormones in your body to make it go away and then you want to have a baby, and then you have trouble having a baby.

At some point in the chain we have to acknowledge … And then not to mention all what you said before of this generational piece of grief that we may be carrying forward that we’re not even aware of. I mean there’s so, so many layers to this, but I think it really … The healing really starts with first acknowledging and naming, and then beginning to find a way of honoring this sacred vessel that we get to be carriers of.

Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s partly why I’m creating this course and ongoing things. It’s really significant to really … Like Everything you just said about the cycle, because not only the chemicals, like taking birth control and mothers putting daughters on birth control, there’s all the nuances of how that connects in with being afraid of sex, and sex just being around procreation, and the beginning of us being afraid of getting pregnant and then we want to get pregnant. So many layers of confusion.

Yeah, right. It’s like how does our body register the messages? We’re like, “Okay, don’t get pregnant, don’t get pregnant, don’t get pregnant.” And then it’s like, “Oh no, now I want to get pregnant.” And then it’s like, “Why aren’t you getting pregnant?” And so yeah, I did a little … I did a little, kind of a little talk about this not too long ago. We called it Baby No Baby. Baby, no baby, baby, no … You know. And then the depth of how far back do you have to go to find an unwanted pregnancy in your own life or in your mother’s life or in your grandparent’s life, or getting pregnant out of wedlock?

Oh my God. Yeah. There’s so much.

All of these kinds of things that are … Those are the layers of like shame and disconnection that we keep recreating. Like in my own life, I don’t have any children. I ended three pregnancies, and they were all at the very same ages that my mother was pregnant.

So I want to I want to give space for this conversation. I don’t want to have to ask, but we do have to go to a break. So, let’s go to break and then we’re going to dive deep because there’s a lot to talk about here.

Yes. Very exciting.

Before the break, will you tell our listeners where they can go to find out more about you and your work?

Yes. Yes. You can go to The Artemis, You can also search for me under, but The Artemis Woman is really awake, and Laura Layla Centorrino on Facebook, and you’ll find my course there Honoring The Losses of The Womb that’s starting in October, and we’ll have some ongoing things with that in particular. And then preparing for conscious, baby making and the conscious conception work. Really excited work.

Thank you so much. So we’re talking with Laura Layla Centorrino about womb losses, grief, and the spirit realm. So much good stuff when we get back, swo please, please, please stay tuned.

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