What is trauma and what does it have to do with sex and consciousness? In this episode, SLSP host Tatiana Berindei is joined by Sex Coach Stacy Michelle to discuss the ways our body registers trauma and the negative effect this can have on our relationship to sex. Trauma is more than just PTSD! In this conversation we explore the depths of how seemingly innocuous events from childhood and infancy can register in our brain as trauma. How does it impact our sex life and what can we do about it? Tune in to find out more!

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love, and Superpowers podcast show. I am your host, Tatiana Berindei, and today I am very excited for our guest, Stacy Michelle. We are going to be discussing trauma, sex, and consciousness. A lot of good stuff going to come out of this conversation. I can feel it already. Let me tell you a little bit about Stacy Michelle before we get started. She is a speaker and sex coach to high performing women and men around the world. She spent almost 20 years working for top tier investment banks and advertising C-suite executives on executing multimillion-dollar transactions. She had it all on the outside and was severely disconnected from her body and her orgasm on the inside. Her journey to overcome childhood sexual trauma, reclaim her orgasm and her connection to her body, led her to make this journey her work in the world.

It is now her mission to support women and men with having the riveting shutter inducing sex life they’ve always desired. I like that “shutter inducing” part. When she’s not helping people have epic sex, she enjoys hiking, doing yoga, and conscious dance in the beautiful city of Vancouver. She’s been featured in Mindbodygreen and the Boston Business Journal, and now on the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers podcast. Welcome to the show, Stacy Michelle.