Lucy LibidoLooking for love tips for the bedroom? Libido level got you down? Then join us for this episode of Sex, Love and SuperPowers, where host Tatiana Berindei interviews Lucy Libido about how to use essential oils to change the landscape of your sex drive. The result of a collective body of research, Lucy Libido was created out of a group of women who agreed to do some between-the-sheets experiments with their partners and then come back together and share their results. Tune in to hear some of her favorite recipes and learn more about what YOU can do to boost your libido.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast show. I am your loving host, Tatiana Berindei and today I am so excited to have with me Miss Lucy Libido and we are going to be discussing Lucy Libido’s love tips. I don’t usually put our guest’s name in the title, but this is a very special kind of a guest because well, Lucy Libido is an individual who is here today, who’s going to be talking with us. She is also representing a collective body of wisdom and knowledge. So let me tell you a little bit more about her.

Lucy was born when one woman decided to host a Valentine’s Day class to teach women how to use essential oils between the sheets. She got a brave group of women together and they all use oils in the bedroom for several months. They agreed to share honest and vulnerable details with each other and these juicy results were divulged in Lucy’s Valentine’s Day class, there’s Oil for THAT. News of the online class spread like wildfire. Thousands of women around the globe assembled to learn how to rekindle their relationships. The outcome was heartwarming and tears jerking. Lucy received message after message about how the class had finally helps women get over their emotional and physical blocks. For some it was a defining point or saving grace in their marriages. Not long after Lucy published the class into a book and it flew through the roof to become Amazon’s number one aroma therapy book. When you discover something this good, you’re going to want to share. Friends, don’t keep Lucy a secret. I love it. So welcome to the show, Miss Lucy Libido.

I’m super excited to be here today.

I am super excited to have you. Now, normally I ask our guests what their superpowers are and I definitely want to hear your individual superpowers, but I also want to hear what your understanding of Lucy Libido as a representation of this collective body of women’s superpowers are.

That’s a great question. So it’s so interesting how we got a group of women together and we have so many different backgrounds. We had different backgrounds with marriages, age, race, religion, and we all had different issues. But we have a lot of common threads as well and are working through those together as a team. We were able to create the education that I now give and the beautiful thing about that is as it continues to grow, because every time I teach a class or I do a podcast or I go out live, I learn more from this following of women and about what we can do to set ourselves free. So I would say that our collective superpower is really listening to so many voices and taking that information and honing it and turning it into education that can be applicable for just about anyone.

I love it. It’s so beautiful. I really love what you’ve done and I love what you’ve put together. Let’s talk about oils a little bit and why oils and how oils and yeah, give us a little idea, like how did you come to the oils and how did you come to start discovering them in between the sheets and how they work?
I believe that our bodies and our beings are holistic and then our physical and our emotional and our spiritual bodies, they impact each other

I believe that our bodies and our beings are holistic and then our physical and our emotional and our spiritual bodies, they impact each other.

Well, at the time I was in oil educator and we were teaching a lot of different classes and within our community we teach a lot of education, like Essential Oil 101. We teach people the basics and I was trying to break out and teach something that was a little bit different and that was more specific for Valentine’s Day. It was kind of like a couples class at that time. I was looking to find oils that really help people to connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe that our bodies and our beings are holistic and then our physical and our emotional and our spiritual bodies, they impact each other. So I wasn’t just looking for something that would be just only the perfect lube, so to speak, although we have amazing oil based lubes. But, something that could help people to connect.

So a part of that is understanding your own internal beauty, releasing old baggages, loving yourself so that you can then take that love and love forward and understanding what love really, truly means and what that feels like. As I was looking for this kind of information, I realized that they’re just, there was nothing written on it. There was a little bit of gossip here and there and that’s why I say it’s kind of a girlfriend guide like “Whisper, whisper. If you do this, it’ll help him with this and whisper, whisper, if you do this, it’ll help her with that”.

But there was really nothing definitive and there was nothing at that deeper level of connecting the physical and the emotional together. That’s why I did the research and then that is why I did the class. So you know, it started off as, “Oh hey, I want to teach this class” and then it grew to, “Wow, the information doesn’t exist” and then that grew to like, “Well then I need to do the research”. Then that grew to presenting it and the flag gates just opening where I learned so many women need this and then I’ve kind of become this mouthpiece of teaching it and education around the world because there’s a need for it.

Absolutely. Now, for those listening who might not be familiar with essential oils, I think a lot of people have this preconceived notion of essential oils just being like a good smell and how does that have anything to do with, “Okay, I mean I can maybe see like as a perfume that having something to do but with libido”. But what you talk about in your book is like taking it to the next level, right?

Oils are such a beautiful thing to incorporate into the connection with the person you love because they impact your limbic system

Oils are such a beautiful thing to incorporate into the connection with the person you love because they impact your limbic system.

Yeah. Oils are such a beautiful thing to incorporate into the connection with the person you love because they impact your limbic system. They impact your bringing in a way that nothing else can. The sense of smell is very, very powerful and it impacts the mental level, which is a part of our brain, which is the seed of our emotions and it helps us to release traumas and helps us to release fears and helps us to release worries, self-doubt. They are very, very powerful. There’s so much more than just a smell because the chemical components that go in there that can go into your brain help your emotions to feel balanced and supported and most of all they help them to feel positive and I feel that that is the root of helping a lot of physical situations is just start with the emotional and then to grow outward from that. Start with the emotional, then your physical body is going to be in alignment with your emotional body. Then we give oils and recipes that help the physical side as well.

I love that you start at the emotional cause I couldn’t agree more with you, that is really the foundation. Sometimes even take it further to a spiritual level over here at Sex, Love and SuperPowers. But, yeah, definitely between the sheets I think emotional trumps everything and this is often something that people overlook or they don’t want to acknowledge maybe. They just want the quick fix. They want the lube, they want the penis enlargement, whatever.

I feel like people just aren’t aware too.

Yeah, totally. Totally. So, how had you, say someone is sort of in that mind frame of like “I just want to like have a better sex”? How do you sort of make that transition for them? Like we’re actually going to work on the emotional state first.

Well, I tell them first get my book which is Lucy Libido Says … There’s an Oil for THAT and I don’t see that just a self-plug but I say that because all the information is there. That book I wrote for my group of people that we had taught this class and they wanted the information all in one place, even has place for notes but you go through the book and in it takes you through that order. It takes you through understanding that you’re beautiful. It doesn’t go super deep into emotional release cause there are other wonderful books for that. But it touches on it briefly. It talks about self-love and then it talks about hormone balancing and then it goes into physical. Physical is actually the last part of the book and you don’t even get into that until the second half of the book, but if you read the book, it’s going to take you through those steps in order.

It’s true. It does. I have read the book and if those of you listening out there want a really phenomenal book, I don’t plug a ton of books on this show, but this one I’m definitely going to plug because the stuff works, it’s powerful. We have to go to a quick break and when we come back, we’re going to dive more into some details here, but before we go, can you tell people where they can find the book, where they can find out more about you?

Yeah, absolutely. You can grab the book on Prime on Amazon or you can get it directly from my store, which is Now if you need essential oils, do not go to Amazon for that. You want to get them direct from the farm and I have a link on So if you need oils, Tatiana might have a link as well that’s still sit in my link on my store, and there you can get the books and get educational materials and you can also get essential oils.

Beautiful. So we’ve been talking with Lucy Libido about her love tips. More when we get back. Stay tuned.