Katrina CoravosIn this interview, Dragon Woman, Katrina Coravos, joins Sex, Love and SuperPowers host Tatiana Berindei to discuss the awakening process of the dragon woman archetype and how to use our internal fire as a resource for change and transformation. Katrina works with groups of women around the country helping them to access their inner warrior, build shame resiliency and tap into what they are truly passionate about. Tune into this episode to hear more about how befriending the dragon can help you transform your life.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers Podcast Show. I am your host Tatiana Berindei, and today I have with me my dear sister, Katrina Coravos. We are going to be discussing Dragon Woman’s Awakening Process. I want to tell you a little bit about Katrina. I’ve known this sister for several years now primarily through ceremony. She’s a powerhouse of a woman. She used to run her own chocolate company. She’s guiding groups of women throughout the country to step into their greatness. I’ll read you what it says in her bio.

It says, “Miss Katrina Coravos has been looking deeply at shame and its effect on our empowerment as women. She believes that shame was intentional from a system that has oppressed the innate power of the feminine aspect of humanity in all her forms. She believes it was set up like a virus and now the messages of shame live inside our psyches. She is dedicated on shining light in these shame places, and set them free, and unleash our true nature as embodied divinity.” I’m sure you all can understand why I’m very excited to have her here today. Welcome to the show, Katrina.

Tatiana, this is my first podcast and I’m really grateful that it’s with you. Thank you for inviting me and asking me to come on.

Totally. I’m gonna start out with a question that I love to ask our guests. What are your superpowers?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that I have the ability to make a dimple appear on my chin when I flare my nostrils.

You really are a dragon.

I have the ability to see truth

I have the ability to see truth.

It’s great, yeah. I can do that, and to go a little deeper-

I think if I had to name where it is that I feel like I’ve been given gifts and strengths is that I have the ability to see truth. That’s something that people have told me from early age is that it’s really hard to be dishonest around me. I can see it. And so, I think that, that also has led up to some of the work that I’ve done when I’m seeing layers of what feels like inauthentic messages and programming that’s been placed on us. I think I can see it clearly. I feel like I have clear vision of truth. That would be my superpower.

Totally. You’re the first to call bullshit. I can attest to that.

With a dimple on my chin.

With a dimple on your chin and flared nostrils. Oh my God. I love that superpower. I think that’s probably one of the best ones yet.



We’re here today. I really wanted to talk with you about the Dragon Woman because you’ve done so much work with that aspect, and that archetype, and that energy. I would just love it if you would tell our listeners about what Dragon Woman is, who she is, what that means, so that we can have a little context for our listeners to flow into and settle into with us here.

Sure, yeah. I can talk a bit about the origin of how it started. I’ve always had a fascination and a love for fantasy and for middle earth, and all of the creatures and beings that existed there. And so, dragons were something that were in my life as a child. I was always in that place where I didn’t understand why the dragons were being hurt. They were often villainized and often the story was how was the hero going to slay the dragon? It was something that never really sat well with me. As I got older, there were more stories that started coming out that had the dragons more as familiars, as allies, as beings that were part of the hero’s journey as opposed to against it, so just in archetypes and stories they’ve always had an attraction to me.

And so, as I’ve delved deeper into my work with shame and empowerment and all of the ways of taking off the layers of bullshit, the dragon archetype kept coming back to me. And so, I went a little bit deeper into what really is the archetype of the dragon and what particularly inside these stories and myth how are those molding our own psyche and because my belief is that a lot of the stories that were told are blueprints for how we live our life, and also what kind of character we’re going to be. That’s the background of where Dragon Woman came from. It was that as I delved into healing shame the dragon was very prominent reflection, and so I began the journey of the Dragon Woman.

For those listening who are like how does that work? How does the dragon support that process? Beginner’s mind, what does that mean? What does that look like to start working with dragon energy to use that as a support in the journey of healing shame?

The dragons are always such fierce, fierce protectors

The dragons are always such fierce, fierce protectors.

Yeah. For me, the dragons are always such fierce, fierce protectors. And so, what started to come for me around working with shame is that there’s this way I feel like it has such a grasp on us that it can keep us in this place almost like we’re in a dungeon, or like we’re being shackled, and hidden and hiding. And so, that’s really where inside of looking at what that feels like I started to think about the dragons. I started thinking about how often times in the stories they’re deep in a cave, and they’re chained up. And then with looking at the power behind what they are is that they have such voracity, and are also very misunderstood.

I’m gonna take a side step in my thoughts right now that I feel like working with the dragon around shame has a lot to do with the women that I’m working with. We tend to be women that would be more in a warrior archetype. We tend to be fighters. We tend to be very fierce in our love, not passive. We tend to be women who hold a lot of anger and rage as one of our elements and our emotions. I think shame can affect people in a lot of different ways. And particularly what I want to work with is the way that shame is attached to our fire or in all of the forms that the fire takes, passion, at times our rage, what our drive is, what our calling its, what ignites us and so, that’s where with looking deeper at what shame does to us and the dragons appeared. It began to manifest in working with women who resonate with the being of the dragon.

Yeah, totally. I mean it’s a very powerful, energetic, and it’s, well, we can get into that later. We actually have to go to a quick break. When we get back I want to dive more into the work that you are doing with groups of women all over the place right now, and talk a little bit more about that. Before we go to break will you just tell our listeners where they can go to find out more about you and your work?

Yeah. Right now the main place that I’m sharing my work is on Facebook. It’s under my own name, Katrina Coravos. I am in process of making a website, so once that’s up I’ll post the link.

Okay, great. You can find her and follow her on Facebook. She has some beautiful writing that’s she’s putting up there, and promoting the work that she’s doing. We are talking with Katrina Coravos about the Dragon Woman’s Awakening Process. More when we get back. Stay tuned.

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