Daniel PlaneWhat does it take to have a spiritual marriage? In this episode, SLSP host Tatiana Berindei invites her husband, classically trained cellist and virtuosic string player Daniel Plane to discuss their relationship and some of what they’ve walked through together. What does sexual energy have to do with creative expression? What do you do when your spouse is feeling drawn to someone else? How do the eyes play a role in the everyday creation of our lives? Why is the committed container of marriage such a powerful vehicle for spiritual development? Tune in to hear the answers to these questions and more on this week’s episode.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers podcast show. I am your host, Tatiana Berindei. Today, I have with me probably, the most special guest that I’ve ever had on this show because today, I am interviewing my husband, Daniel Plane.

This is a different kind of a show today, but we are going to be giving you a window into a spiritual marriage in this conversation together. Before I get started, let me tell you a little bit about my fabulous husband. He’s actually a musician and as a cellist, Daniel Plane is regarded as a pioneer and a skillful improvisor. He’s classically trained at Interlochen Arts Academy and the Longy School of Music.

His principal focus since then has been the study and performance of folk and fiddle music traditions. Over 20 years of self-directed study has led to his learning a repertoire of other stringed instruments and a diversity of musical styles. He performs his own arrangements of American Folk music and may be seen playing with his wife, Tatiana, me, in their folk duo, Viatsa, as well as performing Gypsy jazz, Irish music, and rock-and-roll around San Diego County. For those of you who are listening to the show who didn’t know, it’s true, I am also a musician, and Daniel’s one of my most favorite people to play with. So, I want to give you a warm welcome to the show, my love.

Thank you. It’s a privilege to be here.

Before we dive into our conversation today, will you tell our audience what your super powers are?

Sure. Well, the most obvious superpower I have is playing the cello.


I play anything with strings. And so, maybe my superpower is pulling strings. I don’t know.

And puns. Very pun-y guy.

But yes, the cello has been a love of mine for 27 years. I started playing in fourth grade in public school in Madison, Wisconsin and was fortunate enough to have that opportunity to get started, and also fortunate enough to have supportive parents who got me lessons and have supported me in my journey being a musician from day one, and continue to be supportive in all the best ways.

Yeah, absolutely. When Daniel and I first got together, he told me that the cello was my only competition, which has actually proven to be true throughout the course of our relationship. But I wanted to start out, why I wanted to have Daniel on the show is.

There’s a lot of reasons, actually, why I wanted to have Daniel on the show. He and I have walked through a tremendous amount in our time together. We are coming up on our 10th anniversary this summer in June of 2019.


Yeah, so I guess that means we’ve been together for 13 years.

I was kind of struggling with a lot of things

I was kind of struggling with a lot of things.

We’ve been together for 13 years. And we’ve walked through a lot of stuff. And we actually were talking about doing a series before we came onto this recording because there’s just so much material and there’s so much depth in what we’ve been able to navigate and successfully come out the other side of that we have seen destroy other couples and other marriages. But I wanted to start out by just sharing the story of how we met because there’s a lot of beauty in storytelling. So, I want everyone to hear your version. My version is a little different, but I want them to hear yours.

Sure. Well, I guess I’ll try and just cover the important points. I was at the tail end of a four-year relationship, which at the time had been the most serious relationship I’d ever been in. Because I guess we were 22 when we met.

And I was at dinner with my roommate at the time and remember running with my guitar in my hand, and just barely catching the bus to go to a party, potluck, that my friend, Nathaniel Malber, was hosting with his house. And so, there was a bunch of people there, just sharing their poetry, sharing music. And I came in kind of at a lull, so Nathaniel said, “Okay, get your guitar out right away.” So, I started playing a talking blues, and was kind of in somewhat of a dark place at that time in my life. I was kind of struggling with a lot of things. And in the moment, I was struggling with remembering the lyrics I had written and just kind of doing my thing, trying to improvise up there. And at one point you interrupted me or you said something to me as I was performing, right?

I had the audacity.


Audacity to speak while you were performing.

Yeah. And talking blues has kind of that format. But, so of course, my attention was called to this beautiful woman in the corner of the room. “Who’s this?” And so, we had an interaction as I was performing, which is kind of interesting that we perform together now.

So, I finished doing my thing, and I went and sat in the corner. And I remember you later said it looked like I was meditating, right?

Yeah, totally. I was very drawn to this fellow who was sitting in the hallway meditating. I had just come back from four months of deep retreat and inner work in Hawaii, and I was new to the Boston area again, which is actually, where I had grown up. But yeah, so Daniel’s there. He had done this really interesting, intelligent talking blues. He had very piercing blue eyes. And then there he is, meditating in the hallway. I was like, “Hmm, who’s this character?”

Right. So, things are not always as they seem. I was trying to listen to the poetry and everything else that was happening after I was finished. But most of my attention was focused on keeping the steak that I had eaten down in my belly.

So really, he was trying to not throw up, is what was happening.


He wasn’t actually. You can meditate, to do that. But very, very elevated, spiritually.

It worked. In any case, at one point, you shared a piece of poetry.

And then you were out of there. You had to catch a bus, is that right?

That’s right.

So, I’m sitting there trying to focus on something. And I notice this beautiful woman that had just shared a powerful piece of her own art was about to leave and I didn’t want to let that slip through my fingers, so I went and ran down the stairs after you and asked you, your name.

And you gave me your name and your phone number.

I was very solidly in myself

I was very solidly in myself.

Yes, because I was back new to the area. And I literally, for those listening, I was actually not, at that time, looking for a relationship. I was very solidly in myself. I felt very, very empowered, and not like I needed a relationship at the time, which is something, of course, I work with my clients on all the time. And it’s kind of that catch that we go through. So, we do have to go to a quick break. I know this is a really good story, and there’s more to it when we get back. But before we go to break, Daniel, will you tell people where they can go to find out more about you and your music?

Sure. You can always follow me on Instagram. The handle there is Reelcello. And my website is the same, reelcello.com. If you go on my website, you can sign a mailing list, and you’ll find out about any recordings I’ll be releasing. I’m hoping to record some very simple solo work, and maybe some work with you, Tatiana.

Yes, we will definitely be doing that.

So, stay tuned for that, join the mailing list, and if you happen to live in San Diego or you’re interested in eloping in San Diego, I perform as a ceremony musician and cocktail hour entertainment. I do everything from classical to Coldplay. And I make arrangements for my clients at their request.

Yeah, he’s a phenomenal musician. Definitely check him out, reelcello.com. We are talking with my dear husband, Daniel Plane, and we are giving you a window into a spiritual marriage. And there will be a lot more when we get back, so stay tuned.

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Music Credit: All instruments played by Amanda Turk. Engineered and produced by Tatiana Berindei and Daniel Plane reelcello.com