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This Podcast Show features adults and kids doing amazing things in the world. During the interviews Neva talks about business, personal development, spirituality, religion, animals, mythical creatures, and all things super powers.

Neva Lee Recla is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and influencer whose  mission is to inspire 1 million kids to do business and encourage adults to support them. “Even if kids don’t want to do business, if they know they can then they’ll believe they can do anything!”. Order your copy of Neva’s book by clicking on the image below!

When Pigs Fly the Book

Neva Lee Recla

Founder: Super Power KidsTM
Unique Super Power:
True-Self Identity

Neva Lee Recla is on a mission to inspire 1 million kids to start businesses. In February 2012, Neva Lee Recla got her first business cards…at age 2. She attended CEO Space International Business Conference 312 and never looked back. Through many different business ventures, she’s well-versed in entrepreneurship.  One of her career highlights was meeting Bob Proctor and doing a video about his Stick Person Theory.

As the host of the Super Power KidsTM podcast, Neva shares her techniques of hugging her gremlins, moving energy, healing with sound through mermaid singing, crystal reiki  and embracing the power to be who you are. Her goal is to inspire all kids and adults to be themselves. She believes all kids have super powers and they can change the world. 

Neva Lee Recla is on a mission to inspire 1 million kids to start businesses. Get the tools to inspire your young entrepreneur so they can go out and change the world. This book gives you the insights you need to support your child on their entrepreneurial journey. Order your copies today!


Neva Lee Recla | DECA WRLC 2017 Keynote from White Tie Productions on Vimeo.

Neva is no stranger to all things personal growth and woo-woo. She lives the processes and practices promoted by Super Power Experts and makes them her own to inspire other kids, parents, entrepreneurs and adults.

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