IM Series & Weekly Messages

The IM Series are designed to keep you attuned to a higher frequency.  We commit to always honoring our relationship with you and inviting you into deeper and deeper conversations. Each week we deliver information you can use and explore right now in your own life. For those ready to go deeper, we offer master classes and master courses related to each series.  Join us and stay in high vibration as you carry each message forward with you throughout the week. And yes, the weekly messages are always FREE!

We Tackle the Hard Topics With You

Congratulations on choosing you! We trust you navigated your way here because you are our people, you are our tribe, and we welcome you with open arms. Our aim is to deliver open hearted, agenda free messages designed to help guide you along your journey in life. Every week, the IM Series will present new and affirming messages and explore all areas of life. We tackle the hard topics from a higher perspective and frequency designed to offset the fear that social media and mass media reflect. Each series covers a unique and divinely guided perspective on everything from work and money to parenting and relationships and so much more.