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Justin Recla

Unique Super Powers: Information Entanglement | Intelligence Transference

Justin Recla is the master of intelligence transference and information entanglement. These Unique Super Powers position him to guide his clients in otherworldly methods of communication and data assimilation. 

Justin Recla is an Army veteran and former counterintelligence agent who successfully transitioned counterintelligence techniques into the business world. As a corporate counterintelligence consultant, he increases trust and certainty for his clients’ business relationships and founded the Clear Business DirectoryTM to promote transparency in business-to-business transactions.

In addition to changing how business gets done, Justin courageously embarked on the Super Power Experts® adventure with his wife, Executive Director, Tonya Dawn Recla. As the Director of Operations, he provides the much-needed balance to her cosmic persona. Ironically, as a channel and medium, he plays an integral role in connecting her with information and entities valuable in the pursuit of higher levels of mass consciousness. Together they model synergistic co-creation at levels few couples dare to tread while raising their daughter, Neva Lee Recla.

Justin’s clients benefit from his practical approach to transformation and evolution. He’s assisted more than one person in assimilating information provided during a session with Tonya and can empathize with those who experience her no-nonsense, “Ass-Kickings from the Abstract.” Whether it’s learning how to utilize the abstract frequency in business, managing logistics while maintaining high vibration, or accessing information from different realms, Justin is the Expert to call on.


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