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Thank you for your interest in the Superpower Internship (SPI) Program. We’re excited to have you join us. The SPI Program is an opportunity to play in purpose-driven organizations and contribute to a global mission of uplifting the world. Throughout the program, you get to hone advanced technical skills, benefit from personal, leadership and business training, and earn valuable experience, certifications, references and connections that last a lifetime.

The Purpose

At the Superpower Network, the number one podcast network for personal development and spiritual growth with millions of downloads monthly around the globe, we prove that following Spirit’s guidance, collaborating, and leading with our hearts and souls is effective, impactful, influential, scalable, sustainable and profitable. Through the SPI Program we prove that investing in young adults yields viable, powerful and plentiful rewards, for individuals, families, communities, organizations, countries and worlds. These rewards compound from the exponential impact of Creator-created, collaborative, sustainable, self-sufficient, scalable, self-perpetual models at the foundation of our organizations. These models include systems, processes, training and acculturation that create a superior work environment. Within these environments, we pour into all who enter the knowledge, experience, skills, experimentation and practice reaped in a unique, finely orchestrated playground of self and soul development.

Through on-the-job experience, acculturation, accountability, and training, SPIs benefit from elite mentorship in the following areas:

Personal and Leadership Development

Spiritual growth
Mastering personal power
Self development
Intergroup relations
Effective communication

Business Training

DICONTM (divergent/convergent) models
Sustainability and scalability
Collaboration-based systems and processes
Vision integrity
Relationship-based marketing
Entrepreneurial mindset

Operation Nova

Operation Nova is a beta test of the SPI Program model on a major scale. The systems, processes, training, methodologies, and practices have been tried, tested and proven, and the program is ready to launch to the world. For that reason, Operation Nova exploded into existence. 

The process is simple. While acceptance is dependent on an invitation, everyone who feels drawn to our story, our mission, our ministry, our culture and our beingness, should take the opportunity to apply for the SPI Program. We have placement in so many different areas of interest, the opportunities are endless.

However, those drawn to apply for Operation Nova are a very special lot indeed. These individuals are go-getters, feel called to contribute, manage themselves once guided, receive instruction well, commit to remaining teachable, think outside the box, seek something fulfilling, thrive in community, hold themselves accountable and deeply desire to be part of something bigger than themselves. They are the trailblazers and the path-forgers. They walk through the fire and create a path for others. They stand up when others crumble and say YES to life, to love and to being the change in the world. Or, reading this lights them up and they want to be all of that and are ready to learn how. 

The Fine Points

The initial phases of the SPI Program are unpaid virtual internships. This means you can apply and fulfill the requirements of the internship from anywhere. During the initial phases, we train you and provide playgrounds where you work with the theories and instructions with guidance and support. We use a large number of software programs, plug-ins, applications, systems and processes.  

The First 90 Days

All SPIs participate in Basic Training for the first 90 days (approximately). This provides exposure to the systems, process, methodologies, culture, and mission of the Superpower Network and gives SPIs an opportunity to work closely with their squad leaders to decide where they want to be placed in the initial placement process. 

Basic Training is a direct experience within our podcast network model accompanied by additional training and mentorship. Each SPI works two shifts each week for a total of four hours weekly. These numbers may be modified for those SPIs working directly with a university or college for credit hours. Additionally, SPIs attend monthly group meetings that include training and participate in weekly check-ins with their squad leaders. During Basic Training, there may also be additional assignments to include video trainings or readings. These are assigned with respect to busy schedules and other commitments.  

Beyond Basic Training

Toward the end of Basic Training, you’ll work closely with your squad leaders to determine placement in an area of interest. This includes a conversation about which of our three paths you want to follow. The time commitment remaining in the internship depends on the placement decision. All of that will be covered during the initial placement conversations. Essentially, the program could be 90 days if you feel it’s time to move on following Basic Training or you may stay with us longitudinally as you move from an unpaid internship position to a paid internship position to employment. The possibilities are endless and subject to each individual circumstance.  

The Three Paths


Have you ever felt like you have insights and musings to share, you just don’t know how? Have you wished for the opportunity to interview experts in their field and share that wisdom with others? Do you feel a calling to contribute in a bigger, more uplifting, way to the chaotic and confused conversations happening in the social and mass media spaces? If yes, then we have a unique opportunity for you. By selecting the Podcast Path, we work with you to develop your podcast show on our young adult channel – We Rise. Just like with our other podcasters, we work with you to strategize your show title, tagline and description. Our teams create the artwork and train you to perform interviews and follow our fool-proof format.  

In exchange, you contribute at least 4 hours weekly to the organization doing shift work or assisting with Basic Training. 

As experts in the podcast space, we have a unique opportunity to offer the power of podcasting to virtually anyone. And, if you have any concerns about your ability to host a podcast or our ability to train you, check out Super Power Kids. Host Neva Lee Recla started when she was 7 and has been at it ever since. Her show receives over 180k downloads monthly.

Focused Projects

This path creates groups of three or more interns to work on a particular problem set. These projects have a clear start and stop time and result in a presentation of findings. This path is particularly attractive for our SPIs using the program for credit completion. 

Examples of projects include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  • Exploring individual social media platforms, establishing a culturally viable strategy for maximizing exposure and testing hypotheses with real time monitoring and pivots. 
  • Studying the latest trends in the podcast arena and testing various methodologies to gauge viability for our models.
  • Developing a content marketing model that maximizes our search engine optimization (SEO) and audience attraction. 
  • Performing surveys, focus groups and/or interviews for market research.
  • Webpage development and optimization.
  • Marketing strategies and implementation.
  • Digital design and web architecture.

Job Training and Placement

This path is perfect for those individuals who don’t want a podcast and aren’t interested in focused project work with others. It provides a more typical internship experience with on-the-job training and contribution. This is managed on an ongoing basis until the natural path is either completion or movement into a paid internship or employment spot with us or one of our various Allies.*

*Job placement is not guaranteed. Our main focus is empowering future employees and entrepreneurs to follow their path and provide the support and resources to that end. Through our commit to growing alliances and partnerships, we increase the potential for finding placement opportunities, however, we cannot guarantee job placement.

Our Allies

We continually and tirelessly extend outreach to other organizations. We work with universities and colleges that offer credit hours to our SPIs. We work with businesses and non-profit organizations to create placement opportunities where SPIs can learn additional skills and, potentially, position themselves for employment. We work with churches and other spiritual centers to bridge the gap between believers and business and provide the same placement opportunities. 

We also work with local, national and international businesses by bringing in sponsors who can teach additional skill sets or offer vetted opportunities to the SPIs in our program. If your organization is interested in more information, please contact us. 

The Invitation

If this opportunity resonates with you and you’re considering applying, please take a look around our entire website.  Spend some time on the podcast page and get a feel for our existence. What we stand for and how we do it is obvious by the content and the energy generated from our presence. We do things very differently from others and it isn’t a fit for everyone. If that path leads you back here then we invite you to apply. We look forward to learning more about you and how we can support your inevitable success. 

If this opportunity resonates with you, then click the button below to be considered for a Superpower Internship. 

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*Junior Squads

This opportunity is currently only available to individuals 18 years-old or over. If you are interested in learning more about our Junior SPI Program (13-18), please enter you email below so we may send you additional information. (Parent or guardian permission is required for acceptance in the Junior SPI Program.)

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