Igniting Your Inner Wonder Woman

It is time for a revolution! It’s an “all hands on-deck” moment here on Planet Earth and we need all the real-life superheroes we can get. Do you feel like there is power locked inside of you somewhere, you just don’t know how to access it? You know you’ve got work to do here, you just don’t know what it is or even where to start. Have you been hurt by power – yours or someone else’s – in the past? Are you ready to build the skills to tap into your inner wisdom?

Are you ready to finally put down your fear and pick up your cape so you can step into the work you are truly here to do?

This is a 6-week group program that includes:

  • 6 weekly webinar classes
  • 3 group coaching calls
  • Your own essential oil tool kit for clearing emotional blockages and supporting your transformation
  • An intimate community of like-minded women who empower and uplift each other
  • A private Super Power NET group, the community site powered by Super Power Experts®️, where you can stay in touch in between classes

6 Week Program – $575

Week 1 – Clearing the blocks – uncovering and releasing the habits that have been keeping your inner Wonder Woman on lock-down.

Week 2 – Your Emotional Guidance System – how to find your authentic YES, honoring your no, re-engaging your intuition, feeling your way into wholeness again

Week 3 – Relationships with Others – uncovering the recurring patterns, simple but effective communication tools

Week 4 – Loving your Body – sacred mirror work, food as medicine, sacred movement

Week 5 – Sacred Sexuality – unleashing your inner creative goddess, self-love practice

Week 6 – Taking Responsibility – Finding your voice, putting all the pieces together and taking responsibility for your life. Now is the time to awaken that sleeping goddess inside you who has been just waiting to re-emerge!