Jeff Nemeth joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about how to build confidence and harness it as a superpower. And channels his inner Donald Duck… Jeff works with people to challenge the bounds of what’s possible with their bodies in order to reframe how they approach life. Listen in as he shares his secrets for getting through obstacles and taking charge of your existence.

Hello, everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. And I’m really really really excited to have on the show today, Jeff Nemeth. I’m not going to let him talk for a second because I really want to brag about this guy. So you know how you know as you go along this evolutionary journey and you accomplish some things in your life and you get to know yourself better what not and you just really want to find those people who are willing to play and they’re willing to be courageous and kind of jump in and be like yeah I don’t know what it’s going to look like. Let’s just try it. And so to me, Jeff is the absolute embodiment of that and he’s on the show today to help us talk about how to build confidence because I think that’s such a crucial topic. I just got done responding to somebody in a Facebook group about this wanting to know you know if you have clarity and you’re moving forward but then you have this resistance and then how do you get past that resistance and what she was really talking about was the idea that it’s one thing to know what you’re going to do next and it’s quite another to actually take the steps to embody it. And the response that came through for her was around discipline, and really having the discipline to make those things happen. Well in order to invoke that in your existence, you have to be able to build that confidence. And so, I’m really excited to have Jeff on the show today to talk about that in the areas of health and fitness and performance and human software updates and all this on. You know he’s absolutely our peeps here. So without further ado please join me in welcoming to the show, Jeff Nemeth! Welcome Jeff.

Thank you. That was quite an intro I’m beaming.

Yea yea yea. I think we should all like when we wake up in the morning have somebody like introduce us to the day that’s not us, and that it’s like wow there we are! We’re great.

Wouldn’t it be cool if it was like a basketball game? And someone called your name in there like lights fireworks and you’re like you know you walk out to get your coffee.

How great would you feel?

Or pro wrestling. You know like our theme music or something. There you go, entrance music. That’s a fan right there.

I’ve been to a few wrestling shows. I’ve been to a few big time wrestling shows in my day. There’s no doubt about it.

You're talking to someone who was a fan back when Dwayne Johnson was Rocky Maivia

You’re talking to someone who was a fan back when Dway