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Tonya Dawn Recla When I heard the calling two years ago – oh so clearly – that my intuitive coaching platform was merely a launch point for something bigger, I resisted. I heard things like collaboration and systems and mass consciousness and…yes…Super Powers. None of this appealed to me. I knew creating a system based on collaboration that pushed the envelope for mass consciousness required me to move back into spaces I left to go on my spiritual growth/personal development journey. And at the time, I felt completely uninterested in trekking down off the mountain I persevered to climb. However, I intrinsically understood the significance of these messages and felt their resonance deep inside me. But still I resisted.

Then the messages got more insistent. And they incorporated something I’ll never forget. During a visionary journey into the matrix concepts, one of many over a period of a few weeks, I stopped abruptly and got a bit belligerent with whoever/whatever guided me. I asked demandingly, What is all of this about? Why am I here? And I heard, “You’re here to unplug people.” Why? “To wake them up.” How many people? Immediately I saw people, so many people, so many faces, they flooded my vision. Men, women, children, all different social group representations, all different ethnic representations, some smiling, some crying, some screaming, so many. And then I heard: “Millions.”

I cried. I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility and desire to step into that mission. And somewhere, very deep inside me, I KNEW. I knew I had just remembered what I came here to create. That experience built the connection between the mission and the model. The idea that I could build something to impact millions felt paralyzing and exhilarating simultaneously. And I finally embraced the desire to do it.

I cannot do this alone, nor would I want to. Historically we’ve seen examples of a single person moving masses. That’s been done. The world doesn’t need people to duplicate what’s already occurred. What we need are adaptations to those ideas and methods. We need people willing to stand up and stand together to defend the right of every single person to show up fully in their uniqueness. To fight those people for themselves, if necessary, so they can remember what they came here to create.

It takes courage and commitment to choose to come out of singularity into collaboration. It’s much easier to stand on top of the mountain and wait for others to join you there. But the work to be done on top of the mountain is only part of the equation. And many, many people work in that space. Who has the strength and conviction to walk down from the summit and create change from within the masses? It takes solid internal strength, sovereignty, and a willingness to grow in the presence of others.

I honor you for choosing to embark on this phase of your journey with us. I respect the work you’ve done to get here and the work you continue to do. I hold space for your continued evolution and commit to guiding you even further than you currently dream to go.

Tonya Dawn Recla
Executive Director

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