PowerUp | Frequency Of LoveIn this episode, Nat Couropmitree talks about the frequency of love and how ever-present love and awareness, sensitivity and empathy are his superpowers. He shares his thoughts on fear and safety versus deeper safety, the process of trusting ourselves, and how we can be on different paths but still support each other.

Spiritual life coach and author, Nat Couropmitree empowers holistic entrepreneurs to create positive life and business changes through love and acceptance. He helps his clients experience deep inner-peace, increased confidence, self-empowerment, ease, grace and everyday inspiration.

I have a delightful man with us today. As soon as he starts talking, I know you’re going to just sink into the energy that he brings into the conversation, the way I did. He’s just amazing in the space of really holding that frequency of love. Ironically, he’s a love energy teacher. It’s very fitting for him to embody that space as well. He’s got some cool takes on it too. I’m excited to have him share those with you. His podcast is called Allow Love In. You’re starting to flesh out this picture of this gentleman as the walking, talking embodiment of that frequency of love. He’s magical in that space. Without further ado, please join me in welcoming Nat Couropmitree to this show.

 We’re so excited to have you here with us. Welcome to the show and thank you.

Thank you, Tonya. I’m delighted to be here. I love what you’re doing with the Super Power Experts. It’s about time that we talk more about our superpowers.

Speaking of superpowers, what are your superpowers?

Ever-present love is one of my superpowers. Beyond that, I have a keen sense of awareness and keen sense of sensitivity, empathy, feeling the energy and using that sensitivity to help guide me and to help guide my work with clients.

I mentioned in the introduction about the frequency of love. Not to put words in your mouth, is that languaging that you would use? Or how do you describe the differentiator between love and how some people interpret it and the work that you do?

PowerUp | Frequency Of Love

We definitely talk about the frequency of the love, a specific energy frequency or specific consciousness.

We definitely talk about the frequency of the love, a specific energy frequency or specific consciousness. It’s when we’re tuned into that, we’re most aligned with our soul selves, our divine selves. That’s why it feels so amazing. When we’re tuned into that and living from that space, then things tend to be smoother and more in a flow, we’re able to receive clear guidance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that life is perfect in the way that we like to define perfection. But we become better navigators of our lives.

A lot of folks feel like there’s this magical moment that’s going to happen and the heavens open up and everything’s perfect from that point forward. It is a rude awakening, that’s not the case. I appreciate that you add that element. How did you stumble into this space? Why love? Where did all that come from?

I stumbled into there, tripped and fell a couple of times, broke my knee, dragged down the sidewalk, primarily because that’s the love that I needed for myself. It’s my path to learn to be that love for myself. In doing so, I’m able to guide others to be in that space of love.

That’s a pretty typical way that we’re guided into things; when somebody says, “Your mess is your message.” It’s how we work through those spaces. What drew you to working with others in that capacity?

The same journey of discovering insights for myself, and I’ve always been a sharer. Throughout my whole life, I’ve always shared what I learned. I enjoy that type of connection and that deep conversations that just enlighten and bring greater awareness to who we are and how we work in the world and beyond.

I think there’s so much to be done in those spaces. It just feels like a lot of the journeying that many of us have done is really culminating right now into two pretty distinct areas: one being the further advancement for those folks who have already done a decent amount of journey, but also this mass awakening that we’re starting to see in response to external stimuli and that sort of thing. What’s your take on all of that world affairs as we know it?

I feel like the ones that I’ve been on this path for a while have been raising the consciousness and helping shift energy in a way that’s causing the changes that we see externally, and opening up the door for others to wake up and own their own power as well. Everything that’s happening right now in the world, we don’t know the whole story. We only see part of it. If we continue to tune into ourselves and follow what feels right for ourselves then that’s the best path, and to stay away from taking sides and losing our center.

We see that happening a lot. It feels to me it’s triggering so many real innate fears. They’re squirmy, those little fears. A lot of us who have done work, we pretty much say it on a daily basis. We’re not really triggered in the big survival ways anymore. Those little pieces, I refer to them as gold grains of sand or even sometimes dust at that level. They’re significant. We’re trained to look for the big stuff. But these don’t feel that way. I describe it as sometimes as a disturbance in the force. You get that there’s something going on, but you can still go about your day-to-day, still work with clients, you’re still effective. Those, in my opinion, are some of the hardest ones to stop and take a look at because there is no vast disruption. It’s easy to do work on yourself when you’re in crisis. That’s not necessarily where people are sitting in these higher frequencies. Yet, that work still has to be done. Do you find that to be a conversation? I feel like you have that conversation often.

PowerUp | Frequency Of Love

Frequency Of Love: As we continue to stretch our comfort zones, we’re always going to hit up or meet up with fear.

Fear pops up in our lives a lot. As we continue to stretch our comfort zones, we’re always going to hit up or meet up with fear. The difference where we take more accountability for ourselves is to look at fear and see what fear is there for. We put that there to remind ourselves to be safe. We’re given the choice at that time of whether, is this the type of safety I want based on these circumstances or is there a deeper safety and security that I really want to experience? That’s connecting the love within your soul and trusting in that and moving forward anyway.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I find that the more I do that work, sometimes the harder it is to do that work, it gets easier from the sense that it’s a process and I can identify everything else. It feels like the more I do it though, the further I go, if you will the, the smaller the support group, the fewer people in existence in those spaces. I don’t know if that’s because we get to a place where we branch off and do our own very specific creation work. Of course, nobody’s existing in that space because we’re creating it. Or if it’s a frequency thing, the higher you go, the fewer people are there. I’m not really sure what to equate it to. That feels like part of the reason why a lot of folks who are seemingly at the top of their game resist going even further at times, because it’s a whole new beginning again, to traverse that.

I can’t tell you how many times I hit that resistance. I think a lot of things are in play. One is what you share. The ones that have been on the path for a while, they’re breaking new ground. They’re the pioneers. They’ve the visionaries. They’re the way source. You’re going to have to step into unchartered territory. That feels unfamiliar and it feels scary, it feels vulnerable. The resisting kicks up and you want to step back into the unfamiliar. Then, there are the ones that have been walking this path for a while have found comfort in the people around us, the sense of belonging and the sense of fitting in and a sense of our peeps. Beyond that, creates that gap, somehow we’re on our own again, in a sense. That is scary in itself.

There are a lot of things in play. Again, it’s a process of trusting ourselves, that if this is where we’re guided then we need to trust that spirit that’s there for us, that love is ever present for us. That It can support us to the next level. There will be followers that come along with us, so that it becomes a big party at some point.

Even more importantly than the followers is this image I keep seeing, just encouraging people to look to their left and look to their right, because even though we’re all forging our own paths, and that’s new, and pioneering new ways of doing things. I use the analogy a lot of climbing up the mountain. You’re standing on top of your mountain and you’re climbing higher. You’re starting to climb down and you go do the work. As you’re on the top of the mountain looking, and if you really open yourself up to it, you see all these other peaks and there are people on them. They’re not on your mountain but there are parallels and synergies there. When you reach out and know who your allies are, you can feel support in that. I think we’re trained to look for the person who’s right ahead of us. But many of us contracted to not have people right ahead of us after a certain point of time. That was the arrangement so we could pioneer new spaces. For those of us, it’s so crucial to really open up to what does companionship look like in those upper higher levels and support and love and all those things, doing that work. That’s exciting to me.

PowerUp | Frequency Of Love

Frequency Of Love: When we have that love, we can be on different paths but still support each other.

An example of that from my personal life is my wife and I have been together for, say, fifteen years now. There was a period of time where I wasn’t sure we were going to make it. That was because spirituality is my life. There’s no separation. My path looked different than her path. I thought in order for us to go ahead together, we had to be on a similar path. What I get now is that when we have that love, that we can be on different paths but still support each other. We still have each other’s back. That reminds me of what you’re just saying here, is that we don’t have to be on the same mountain. We could just have this great belief in each other and great belief in a bigger cause, even if the cause is just love for ourselves. It can stretch consciousness.

For me, the delineator in my marriage was the idea that we can be on different mountains. The caveat I would give that is that, for at least the partnerships that I enjoy, people have to be willing to be climbing their mountains. That’s the distinction for me when Justin and I started dating. That was a common conversation. In fact, we wrote our vows around being each other’s mirrors and leading each other closer to ourselves, not in a codependency way. That is the goal, is that full-on autonomy in ourselves and then how do we pair those up together to create a really cool partnership? That was the conversation.

There is an element of if you’re not growing together, you do grow apart. But we had a misconception along the line that said that you had to be doing the exact same stuff. It’s growth in it of itself and meeting in that frequency of love, it’s hugely expansive in those upper frequencies. Just you and I talking and connecting, Jennifer connected us together. A lot of that was predicated on these exact principles, which is you’re doing your work, she’s doing her work, I’m doing my work in the world. They’re similar. There’s crossover. We’re seemingly competitors in that space, yet here we are talking. There’s synergy. We’re exploring where the intersections are and where the concentric circles overlap. There’s a real beauty in those expansive spaces.

I agree.

I spend a lot of time thinking about these things. I love just opening up possibilities of maybe it can look differently. Maybe it doesn’t have to be like we all thought. I think that your work is a big testament to that. For you to even be male in this day and age, in this culture, and say spirituality is your life, and then talk about your marriage as an equal partnership. For a lot of us, that’s common place. But that’s not common place. That’s not the majority of the population. I think we fool ourselves into thinking that a lot of people think like us because we surround ourselves with the people who think that way. But I like to remind people that 90%-95% of the world’s population is not sitting here having these conversations.

I can see how it’s easy to forget that when we surround ourselves with the people that you resonate with and you do this work day-in and day-out, and then you step out in the world out there and be like, “Oh yeah.”

You and I were talking a little bit about social media, again with the conspiracy theory that I believe that Google algorithms and the Facebook algorithms and stuff are purposely designed because we can really, truly create an entire world and think that everybody agrees with us. The only thing you can search for are things that are in alignment with things that you searched for previously and in alignment with you viewpoints. It’s a whole social experiment. If you go and use somebody else’s computer on Google and you search for the same things, you get two totally different results. I contend that we constructed this as a social experiment to see who really truly wants to own the fact that we create our existence.

When you’re willing to face that and look at the ramifications of it and really take responsibility for it, that’s an expansive conversation. That’s a very creative space to enter into. But if you don’t see that for what it is and you really fall into the trap of believing that there’s this mob viewpoint and you’re in the mix there and you agree, or what we’re seeing more now are two different mob viewpoints; the dichotomous perspectives on things. It really takes a desire to extract yourself from that in order to see it clearly. I do think that, in my opinion at least, it’s a little bit more conspiratorial than that. I love that because it means to do this work, you have to really want to unplug at this stage because it’s super easy to not unplug.

You need to want to unplug from the old paradigm. I think back to when I started this journey. I didn’t realize I was unplugging from an old paradigm. I just knew I was in a lot of pain. I was suffering a lot and I wanted something different. Just going back a little bit to when we’re talking about pioneers and visionaries. I don’t define a visionary or a pioneer as someone that has to offer a new way of thinking. We all can be visionaries and pioneers if we choose to live a different life than what we’ve been living. If the old life isn’t working for us, each of us can stretch beyond our comfort zone and offer a new reality to ourselves. Each of those steps is going to be scary. Are we worth it? It’s the question. Do we love ourselves enough to want to give ourselves a different experience?

It feels inclusive. I think that’s in alignment with what we talked about this mass consciousness thing, is that it’s easy to say certain people are doing this in this category, people are just doing this and in everything else. If you look at it in everybody’s individual lives, we all have the ability to persevere in that fashion. To really put ourselves first in that journey first is a good first step in that. It matches up really nicely with your whole dialogue around love and having that love for self and that compassion with ourselves to even take steps in that direction, I think is huge.

PowerUp | Frequency Of Love

Frequency Of Love: We’re one big puzzle and we’re all pieces of the puzzle. We are all contributing to the shift.

It has to be inclusive. We are all one. We are all connected. We’re one big puzzle and we’re all pieces of the puzzle. We are all contributing to the shift. Some of us have been on this path for longer but it doesn’t necessarily make us any better than ones that are just starting.

Sometimes, I think that they might actually be a little bit smarter. I affirm that for a lot of people, they’re like, “You’ve been doing this for this long.” I’m like, “Yeah, but you were smart. You sat back and let some of us pave the path. You’re going to step onto that path and go even further.” It’s all different experiences that we have. Sometimes, it is easy to discredit our own experience because we look at people who’ve been doing something for 40, 50, 60 years. It’s easy to go, “I’ll never catch up to that.” If we play in that synergistic space, we all made these agreements to play different roles and come in at different times. All I have to do is look at our daughter to see that. The work she’s already starting to do here in the world is so dramatically different than what I did at her age. She can only do that because so many of us chose something different.

Recently, we had a political dialogue going within the Super Power net. It was around taking a position with the current political stance. One of the things was around the recent Women’s March. I shared my position with it. Part of my position really rests on the fact of knowing that I don’t have to play all the various woman roles because other women are doing that. Sometimes, it’s just worth taking a step back and saying, “I have the luxury of holding a position and sitting really truly in my own space because other people are sitting in their space and it’s different from mine. I don’t have to cover all the bases. We see that in the Super Power model with the collaboration. I don’t have to be good at all of the pieces and parts that these other experts bring to the table. As long as I’m willing to sit solidly in my space and allow for them to sit solidly in theirs, it creates this really cool, deep and expansive work together. I think that that’s true of the collective as well, when we can appreciate people for playing different roles that are even possibly in opposition to the ones that we choose for ourselves, recognizing there’s freedom in that.

That’s love in itself. When you can accept yourself as you are, you don’t feel like you need to be somebody different to make a difference, that’s love. To surrender to the model, self-surrender that, “I’m whole as I am. These are my gifts. These are my superpowers. I’m going to work with what I have. I’m going to let someone else work their own superpowers. Then we can collaborate and make something great.”

I think we just solved all the world’s problems right here. I know some of our listeners are going to want to know where to find you and find out more about you. Where can we send them?

They can go to my website, which is AllowLoveIn.com. I actually have a Facebook community called Hearts Wide Open.

Thank you so much, Nat, for joining us on this show. I’m really excited about our connection and looking forward to fostering it even more.

Thank you so much, Tonya. It’s really been a pleasure.

To all of you out there, as always, thank you so much for your loyalty. We appreciate it. Until next time, go out and uncover your superpowers and change the world. Take care, everyone.