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What is The NET?


What are Super POWERS?

Super POWERS are innate abilities available to everyone at various levels of awareness. Super POWERS exist so we can experience and engage the world in exciting new ways. Through them we create our own experiences and assist others on their journeys as well. These abilities include such things as empathy, intuition, psychic ability and more.

What is The NET?

The NET is the first ever collaborative coaching community. It brings together Experts and individuals in a safe, transparent, and collaborative environment to explore concepts of Super POWERS and personal growth. The NET stands on the principles that: “We are ALL more POWERful together” and we affect change in the world by changing ourselves.

Why would I join The NET?

Whether you’re just starting on a path of self-development or have already read all of the books, seen all of the movies (such as “The Secret”), and find yourself asking “what now, then joining The NET is for you! For the first time, people can get affordable support in a collective environment. The NET model is founded on the idea that we are exponentially more POWERful when we join together. By providing access to others who are honing their Super POWERS and the Experts who have mastered theirs, The NET creates an awesome synergistic and collaborative environment for growth.

Unlike traditional coaching or counseling programs, The NET offers ongoing support and 24/7 access to Experts. It also provides training and education through the POWER Up! podcast and POWER U classes.

What does the membership fee cover?

24/7 access to Super POWER ExpertsTM through the secret Facebook group
Free and discounted POWER UniversityTM classes
Member only Super POWER Discovery Programs
Bite-sized Super POWER insight during Monthly Member Calls
Instant intuitive advice during Expert Office Hours
Member-only website access to Super POWER content
Discounted sessions with vetted Super POWER ExpertsTM
Special NET only rates for Super POWER DesignTM

I’m ready to discover my Super POWERS, how do I start?

Signing up is SUPER easy – go to The NET page and click “Join Today” or click here to get HALF OFF your first month!

I don’t like social media or Facebook.  Do I need a Facebook account to join?

You do not need a Facebook account to join The NET. While the Facebook Super POWER Discovery Group is NET Member benefit and allows you to connect with others, you can still take advantage of all of the other membership benefits, classes, program, and discounted sessions.

How does the Facebook Super POWER Discovery Group work?

 We are ALL more POWERful together. If you’re experiencing a trigger, an old story, or have an issue you’re trying to grow through, guaranteed it’s coming up for someone else inside The NET. By engaging in the group you invite others to provide perspective on something that’s coming up for you or you may find that you have insight on a topic that someone else posted. The Super POWER Experts monitor the group and chime in as well. It’s a great way to connect with others. You don’t have to participate in any of the discussions to take advantage of the Facebook group, you can choose to participate by following conversations in the group.

The Experts use the group to communicate upcoming events, classes, etc. and to share intuitive insights that affect the collective. 

How do I refer a friend?

SPE offers an affiliate program and you can earn residual income from anyone you refer. You must be a member of The NET to join the affiliate program. Click here to learn more. 

How Do I Use The NET? 


I joined, what do I do first?

  1. Explore the Member Content section of the website. Click here to login.
  2. Watch the classes in the POWER U Section of the Member Content area.
  3. Listen to the POWER Up! podcast (we highly recommend you listen to episode 24, “Triggers” first).
  4. Next, accept your Facebook invitation to the Secret Super POWER Discovery Group. Check your email for the invitation (from Facebook).
  5. Engage in the group, contribute, and ask questions. PLAY

What are Office Hours?

Office Hours are a NET Membership exclusive benefit. NET Members can call in and speak to an Expert to ask specific questions, get guidance on issues, or ask for another perspective on anything. Office Hours are managed by our Experts throughout the month. Click here to look for the Office Hours schedule.

What is The NET Member monthly call?

Another benefit of the being a NET Member is you can participate in the monthly call. These calls are typically designed to provide a quick “intuitive drive-by” for NET Members in a group call setting. These are highly energized and connect NET Members in a fun, collaborative environment. These calls are recorded and uploaded to the Member Content area on the SPE website. 

What are the Super POWER Programs?

SPE offers programs for NET Members who are ready to up-level their growth, unlock their Super POWERS, or develop and hone their own Super POWERS.

How do I schedule a session?

You can learn more about each expert on their personal page (under the About tab on the SPE website menu). You can also purchase a session directly from each Experts’ page (look in the upper right-hand side of each page). 

How do I access upcoming POWER U classes?

You can view a list of all of the upcoming POWER U classes and events by clicking here. Registering for classes is super easy, just make sure you’re logged into the website so you can register.

How do I access POWER Up! podcasts?

You can listen to the weekly POWER Up! podcast here. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes as well. Most of our members go back and listen to their favorite episodes over and over again. 


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