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Eric Weiland

Unique Super Power: Matrix Manipulation

Super Power Expert

As a Super Power Expert, Eric Weiland blends his background in photography with his passion for all things natural. His spiritual journey followed his backpacking journey through Winter Park recently as he developed amazing energetic Super POWERS. He was naturally attracted to stones. Eric began researching stones, crystals, and the healing properties involved in earth elements. Eric then was trained in several modalities of energy healing, but still felt limited, until he developed multi-dimensional energy healing. Eric can work in all vibrations with you at once. While your physical body gets healing through reiki , your vibrational body begins lifting into the ethers as he uses a combination of vibrations, beats, cards and crystals.

Eric will create your own personalized crystal grid, and stone healing bed while doing your energy work. He also is fully present in all places with you to keep you grounded to your body. Eric developed his abilities with Crystal Reiki Resonance where he attunes crystals to help balance and lift specific energies. He continues to study the transformation of turning bodies into light through vibration.

Work Directly with Eric

If you are stuck in your stories or in your body seeing Eric could help instantly raise your vibration. He only will work with people already in awareness. As his work has been specifically developed to raise vibration. 

As a Super Power Expert, Eric’s emphasis areas are:

Reiki Level 3
Crystal attunement
Crystal Reiki Resonance
Stone meditations to lift physical vibration

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