Denise Kilonsky What are some holistic ways to manage your stress? In this episode of Cosmic Consciousness, host Jewels Arnes is joined by guest Denise Kilonsky as they talk about  the holistic approaches to health. Denise shares her experience of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and how she opted to take the holistic healing path over the other alternatives. Denise hopes to educate people about what that path looks like and how it can improve their health and vitality. Join Jewels and Denise in today’s episode to learn simple techniques you can do to reset and manage stress.

Blessing. So family, this is Jewels with Cosmic Consciousness: Coding the New Human for the New Earth. And today our guest is Denise Kilonsky. She has been a Healer for over 22 years, and I’m actually just going to bring it over to her. We’re going to be talking about holistic ways to manage stress. And instead of reading her bio, I just want to have you just talk about your experience, because I know this is such the root of the work that you’re doing. And so let’s just move right into that, Denise. So tell us what brought you into being in the healing realm?

Well, over 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and even though medicine seemed to help the pain and the symptoms I was having, I was still just extremely tired. I prayed and I asked God for guidance, and I was led down a holistic healing path, that I found something called health kinesiology. And within 30 days, all my fibromyalgia symptoms were gone, I mean, literally gone. And it was like the answer to my prayer, and I want as many people as I can talk to, to know that there are other alternatives out there, to having to take medicine and go through all these surgeries and things that are just so toxic to our bodies, and just understand there’s a holistic approach, and educate people about what that path looks like, and how it can really improve their health and vitality.

And what I love about you is that you have so many different healing modalities, but the thing that holds it all together is first of all, just this really high vibrational container that you’ve existed. And then you just organically pull in these different modalities to really meet the person where they are. So I want to talk more about that when we get back to break, but first let’s start with just something that we can offer everyone right away, of just a few steps that people can take to manage stress.

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Well, one of the first things I tell people is to just breathe. Whenever you get all excited and nervous about something, if you pay attention to your body, you realize that you have stopped breathing. So that’s the first step. Just pause, just take a deep breath and just breathe. And then the other thing I love to teach my clients, is just to tap on their thymus. So you just tap in a circle around the thymus with the fingertips, very gently and breathe.

Why don’t you tell people where you’re tapping since they can’t see you? Some people may not know where that is.

Okay. Your thymus is below the throat, but above the heart, so kind of in between the throat and the heart. And if you make a fist, actually you could just tap on that part, that’s called the thymus. And so you could just tap on that and breathe, and what you’re doing essentially is tapping on all of the energy meridians at the same time. And so what it’s doing is gently getting the flow of water moving back through your pipes. So that’s what stress does, it shuts the energy system down. And when we’re shut down, we can’t think straight, right? We don’t say the right things. And actually it’s just a natural process that we do. When we’re stressed we might hold our hand on our throat, or on our chest, and that if we tap it, that’s what we’re doing. It’s just an automatic response that the body does naturally to balance itself. So that’s just a quick and easy way.

I love that. There is something that was coming to me and maybe you know this, because I just had this download that was saying that doing this also helps strengthen the immune system. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what came to me. So I know we’re going into the winter months and cold and flu, and of course the coronavirus is still out there. And I was getting everybody could do this to help with our immune system too.

Perfect, Jewels, because stress decreases our immune system.

That flow of energy, right? Reduce the stress, we are going to be healthier. And that’s what holistic healing is all about.

Absolutely. So how fun is that? Well, just right then I was doing that as you were saying, and I just feel like really just centered and in a really good place. And I just can’t wait to keep going deeper into this, Denise.

But before we go to break and talk about holistic ways to manage stress, tell us where we can find you, if somebody wants to connect with you.

Okay. My website is And my website has a couple of videos you can watch to give a quick introduction and overview of what I do. There’s a free download to tap away your stress that you can get from my website. And if you’re on Facebook, my Facebook business page is also called The Power of Healing Us.

Beautiful. And we’ll put those links in the show notes as well. Okay, so we’ll be right back to talk more with Denise.

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