Reconexión con la Verdad

Brujas y Más De niña siempre pensaba que rico sería poder ver y oír más allá de lo “normal”. Que rico sería tener super poderes. Por alguna razón, que hoy ya reconozco, yo sentía que tenía algo que otros no, que era como una bruja que sólo necesitaba hacer un pase mágico y hacía que las cosas pasarán. Amaba ver la mujer maravilla y hechizada. Era algo mágico lo que sentía al ver como lograban lo que querían; sólo lo deseaban, actuaban y lo obtenían. Pues bien, al crecer, esos poderes no parecían pertenecer a ningún terrestre, como me decía mi mamá. Eso sólo pasa en las películas. Cada vez que pasaba por momentos difíciles el deseo de conectar esos poderes era mayor; hasta un día que empecé a trabajar con el poder de la mente. Yo diría que ahí fue cuando mi intuición empezó a despertar, podía sentir [...]

Reconnecting with Truth

Witches and More As a child, I always thought how cool it would be to see and hear beyond the "normal". How awesome it would be to have superpowers. For some reason, which I recognize today, I felt I had something that others did not, that I was like a witch who just needed to make a magical spell and would make things happen. I loved watching Wonder Woman and Bewitched. It was a magical feeling to witness how they could achieve anything they wanted; they only needed to want it, act out the desire, and they got it. Well, as I grew up, “Those powers did not seem to belong to any terrestrial being,” as my mother told me. That only happens in movies. Whenever I went through difficult times, the desire to connect to those powers was greater; until one day, I started working with the power [...]

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Why do women wear makeup? Makeup is just a mask we wear. It’s a face we put on that makes us feel more comfortable with who we are, what we look like, and how we will be perceived in the world. It’s not real. It’s not truth. We like to dance around the story that it “enhances” our features and makes them stand out more. Not true. This is a lie that we choose to believe from all that is shoved in our face from the media – commercials, movies, TV shows, print media, etc. Beauty is not what you look like. Beauty is what lies within. Regardless of that fact that sounds cliché, it’s truth. We as humans tend to hate what lies within ourselves because we are so scared of what we’ll find, that we choose to live in the lie that what is on the outside [...]

Faith and Discipline Create Miracles

Ash Brown Faith and Discipline. Ash Brown of joins Power Up! for another powerful conversation. She and Tonya Dawn Recla talk about taking action and believing in yourself. Hello everyone this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. And I am thrilled to have with me back on the show, Ash Brown. She's delightful. Those of you who listened to her previous interview. And if you didn’t, I'm not sure why not. So, go listen to it now. Embodied Passion: Living Life Your Way with Ash Brown She's just a blast! And so I’ve invited her back on the show. We're going to we have a topic that we want to mull over in your presence, so you can hear what it looks like when two different perspectives collide around the same topic. So, Ash thanks for coming back and playing. Thank [...]

The Networking Maven and the Power of Connection with Gelie

The Networking Maven Gelie Akhenblit talks about the power of connection in business and life. As the founder of NetworkingPhoenix she observes the shortcomings of fly-by networking techniques and pushy business card tactics. Conversely she knows the power and magic of making an impression and developing relationships. Listen as she shares her secrets for creating powerful interactions and increasing business success. Show Notes Hello this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. Today, with me is just a delightful woman. She's become a really good friend of mine and I enjoy just being in her presence and spending time with her. More importantly, she is a very, very, very powerful connector. I know those of you in Phoenix know exactly who I'm talking about. She is the Maven of Networking, here in Phoenix. Please help me welcome Gelie to the show. Welcome Gelie. Thank you so much [...]

Empower Others to Heal Themselves with Tarah Long

Tarah Long is here to empower others to heal themselves. She joins the show to talk all things healing and how she worked through her own healing to arrive in a place of service. Listen in as she shares her experiences opening up to her gifts and committing to an intuitive life. From helping others heal themselves to following guidance to move to Hawaii, Tarah walks the talk. Show Notes Hello everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla your Super Power Expert and I am very excited to have with me today Tarah Long. It is Tarah right? I just realized I didn’t ask. Yes. I’m like, “My good friend,” and then I'm like well maybe I should ask how she pronounces her name. So, as things go in the higher frequencies, folks, we know that that connection sometimes happens in places that we're not in [...]

The Role of Women’s Empowerment in Collective Higher Consciousness

Women’s empowerment as a movement plays a catalytic role in higher consciousness, both as individuals and a collective. Despite what most people can conceive, we experience the world collectively. As individuals it’s easy to think our experience is uniquely our own. We've come up with thousands of reasons and ways to be separate from each other. We feed off of the divide in perceived difference. But even in this we prove how unified and connected we are. We feel each other and feed off of each other and thereby create reality together. Human Nature vs. Ego Our human nature is not to be separate - to hate, judge, divide, oppress, and kill each other. These are symptoms of ego. Our ego is only a part of us, and whether or not it defines who we are and what we do is entirely our choice. In awakening to our true and [...]

The Dark Underbelly of Real Super Powers

Let's talk about the dark underbelly of truly unlocking real Super Powers. It's easy to look at people who wield their power effortlessly and say, "It must be easy." It is. It is the easiest, most natural state of our existence to stand in full autonomy and move the world with every breath. It is the easiest, most natural state of our existence to manage our vibration and manifest from our highest. It feels like coming home to step into that sovereign space. BUT... The path between where most people stand and the effortless space of Real Super Powers is like nothing you can fathom. This goes beyond fluffy conversations about personal development or spiritual growth. It goes beyond meditating, reading cards, asking for guidance, and searching in every flower, animal, person, event for meaning to help you understand yourself. Those are mere steps along the way. Can you take [...]

Self Improvement Through Integrating Emotions

Self improvement through integrating emotions is the second step in preparing to develop your Super Powers. (Read: Personal Growth Step One - Manage Your Mind) After learning how to manage your mind, the next "child" piece of yourself to master is your emotional system. Emotional energy is very different from mental energy and the emotional system requires a delicate touch. Most of us in the Western world are much more comfortable dealing with thoughts than emotions so we tend to turn emotional energy into thoughts, ignore it altogether, or Reiki it out of us. None of these techniques honors the very important role your emotional system plays in your survival and evolution. This is one of the biggest hindrances to people's self improvement. As with the mind, the emotional system is designed to keep you alive. When you get a twinge of emotional energy, it indicates that there's something in the [...]

Women in Empowerment and the Men Who Love Them

Women in empowerment and the men who love them have chosen to embark on an amazing journey together. Along the way, obstacles arise and challenges emerge. I recently had a conversation with a friend that highlighted some of the ups and downs in this journey. Here’s an open letter to all who relate: Brother – Your woman is responding to your energy. You think you’re protecting your relationship by not discussing her “issues” but in fact you are sabotaging it. Your fear of not wanting to talk to your woman because you’re afraid you’ll meet her ego (and her fury) is what is actually causing the problem. She feels that from you and is responding to it accordingly. The more and more you go inside and not discuss these things with her the more and more that energy is going to build and the farther and [...]

True Transformation to Personal Power

True Transformation to Personal POWER As I sit and compare these images, I marvel at the concept of True Transformation in a quest for Personal POWER. The process is so much bigger than dying my hair red and going from a size 22 to a size 8. Those are just the outer reflections of a deep, intrinsic transformation. I married my POWER partner five years ago. I knew then that hidden deep within the person I’d become was the person I intended to be. I knew he saw her and I knew I needed his support to truly become her. Despite the fact that I was an accomplished, successful, educated, confident, aware woman, the wounds I carried ran so deep that I kept hitting walls trying to heal them. I see this in my clients also. There are levels of ourselves that exist so far beneath [...]

Today’s Wonder Woman: A New Personal Power Model

Today’s Wonder Woman: A New Personal POWER Model I have to admit upfront that a little girl with an extreme Wonder Woman crush prompted this post and its connection to personal power. Deep in the trenches of princesses and faeries, my 3 year-old daughter integrates feminine energy with her ingrained hero archetype. And when I’m most clear and centered, I see the absolute perfection in how she navigates the various female models thrown at her. I’ll explain further. This image of Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman in 1974, ironically, represents Today’s Wonder Woman in a very magical way. In all of her creative power, my daughter managed to meet, befriend and adore Cathy Lee. And in turn, Cathy Lee showed her that Super Heroes can have open and loving hearts. This is the true embodiment of personal power and integration of strength and love. [...]

The World Will Be Saved By the Queen

The World Will Be Saved By the Queen I see women. I see a lot of women. Maybe moreso now than ever because of the transition I made in my life. The irony of this is not lost on me since over 5 years ago I wrote the book on seeing (W.A.R. – Watch, Assess, React). But this is different. Now I SEE women. I’ve always seen people. In ways many people don’t. Of course, this was heightened by my military and government training. But I never totally understood all of the information I gathered, especially about women. Now I do and I’m excited…and saddened at the same time. […]

Do Women Make Better Leaders?

Do Women Make Better Leaders? I keep seeing articles about how women make better leaders and how we must have feminine-energy based leadership models. I concur…sort of. I think that balanced people make better leaders and we must have balance-based leadership models. Historically, women expressed more interest in exploring issues of personal and spiritual development, so it stands to reason there may be more women who actively integrate masculine and feminine energies than men. But, a disempowered, off-balance woman and a disempowered, off-balance man are equally detrimental as leaders. […]

The Queen Power Era

The Queen Power Era A new era, the Queen power era, is moving forward. “Moving” may be too kind. A new era is rushing, no flooding, no – surg-peding forward. Yes, thats it, precisely, a herd of elephants led by a tsunami…a very apt description. Most women I know walk around these days with a look of utter shock and bewilderment on their faces. They continue to perform their womanly, motherly partner-ly duties, but the feeling of being sucked up into a cyclone of chance and perpetual growth seems rampant. Why? What’s going on that has so many of us reeling? Well, not surprisingly, I have a theory. And my theory is this: the era of woman as the weaker sex truly is coming to an end. I know, I know, this isn’t an original theory, but stick with me on this. Oh, and I realize [...]

It Takes a Village to Teach Personal POWER

It Takes a Village to Teach Personal POWER Artist: Willow Arlenea Over the last couple of months, I’ve developed a new appreciation and deep love for humanity. I also discovered the hidden joys and unimaginable excitement layered deep within this human existence we call life. And I did it all by giving up what most people accept as necessary and embarking on a journey far outside my comfort zone, but…amazingly…deep within myself. My husband and I travel full-time with our 3 year-old daughter. We recently adopted the terms “location independent” and “digital nomads.” We call ourselves The Traveling Faerie Tour (it’s amazing what you’ll do when you fall in love with a child). We packed up our necessary belongings and piled into our minivan endearingly named “Pixie Dust.” […]

I Solemnly Swear…

I Solemnly Swear… Sunday was Veteran’s Day. I did two things I’ve never done before. I posted this picture of me in uniform on Facebook and I took Applebee’s up on their offer of a free meal. But I struggled with both of these. You see, I didn’t have a real illustrious Army career. The down and dirty is I completed my master’s degree in 2001, a few months before 9/11. That shattering event, and my indecision regarding my next career, led me to the Army recruiter’s door. So at 27 years old with a master’s degree I enlisted in the Army (I chose to enlist rather than pursue a commission as an officer because there was only one job I wanted –  counterintelligence. I could get the guaranteed job or the commission, not both…I chose E4). One year and four months later the Army medically [...]

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Faerie

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Faerie Artist: Tom Dunlap I recently had the distinct pleasure of participating in the AZ Goddess Conference at the Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center. It was a first for me and I’ll certainly partake again and again. The camaraderie felt amazing, the love flowed powerfully and the combined feminine energy lit fires that will change the world. While I’m sure the experience meant something specific to each woman present, for me it precipitated a huge life change. The conference concluded the day before my daughter and I set out on an adventurous, nomadic phase of our lives. At the beginning of October, my husband and I made the decision to forego traditional housing. While he serve the country in Afghanistan, I stored our valuables, packed our van and bid sayonara to our abode as my daughter and I [...]

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