SPS – The Individual Consciousness of Love

Nat Couropmitree guides visionary leaders to live their lives through the energetic frequency of their truest selves and to discover individual consciousness. He joins Jennifer Urezzio of SuperPowers of the Soul as they explore about the topic of how get to achieve the individual consciousness of love. Nat hosts the Bold Magnificence Podcast, where his guests share stories about having the courage to live in alignment with what lights them up. Listen in as he and Jennifer talk about the ways to achieve individual consciousness of love as well as where to find the different powerful sources to create a space to experience ease, joy, and adventure at the present moment. Hello everyone and welcome, I'm Jennifer Urezzio, SuperPower Expert and founder of Soul Language and this is SuperPowers of the Soul. And I'm, today, so excited to be with one of my favorite people on [...]


SPU – The Power of Intuition

Allison Sutter, best selling author and contemporary spiritual teacher, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about the power of intuition. Allison is highly acclaimed for her ability to seamlessly blend spiritual and practical self-help information and how to make them relevant to the daily life. She is the author behind the book: Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You. Join in as Allison and Tonya talk about how to accelerate your mojo and the most effective way to approach self-help and personal development to transform fear and allow yourself to shine. Hello, everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. And I'm excited with us today a really fun woman who we're going to have a great conversation. Allison Sutter is all about accelerating your mojo. In fact, she wrote the book on it, [...]


SLSP – Psychic Manipulation and Sexual Abuse

In this interview, Sex, Love and SuperPowers host Tatiana Berindei joins two former members of the Agama Yoga Community, Nancy Ellen Miller and Mangala Holland, to discuss the psychic manipulation they experienced during the time they spent at Agama’s main school in Thailand. Key sign posts of psychic manipulation tactics, as well as red flags around sexual abuse in the tantra communities are laid out in this conversation. Nancy Miller is an artist and  writer and runs a coaching practice based in neuroscience. Mangala Holland is an international facilitator of women’s groups, Tantric rituals, retreats and workshops and founder of the Sacred School of Shakti. You don’t want to miss this important conversation! Hello everyone and welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers Podcast show. I'm your host Tatiana Berindei and today we have a little bit of a different kind of an episode. This is [...]


SPM – How to Illuminate Mental Clutter and Achieve Inner Balance

Gail Kreitzer of The Little Big Things, LLC helps people create space in their minds so they can live with less stress and greater intention. She joins Laura Greco on SuperPower Mommas as they discuss how to eliminate mental clutter and achieve inner balance. Gail’s company offers training services and tools designed to facilitate her approach to mental organization, which fosters enhanced productivity and mindfulness across all areas of one's busy life. Gail believes that mental organization is a key pillar of health & wellness. Listen in on the conversation as she shares the tools she teaches and steps you can take right away at home to begin to unravel the overwhelm in your life...you won't want to miss this! Hello and welcome, everyone, to SuperPower Mommas. I am your host, Laura Greco. This is a place where you are going to know for sure that [...]


YSPM – How Psychics Help with Healing of the Spirit and Soul

Toni Greene, a world-renowned psychic, medium and hypnotist, joins Kristin Maxwell to explain how psychics help with healing of the spirit and soul. The host of multiple TV and radio shows and author of several books, Toni was born with channeling ability, but did not understand how she could use her power to help others until after her 3rd near-death experience. Toni now harnesses her channeling and healing abilities to help others resolve emotional trauma, create lives they love, and find peace. She believes that everything that happens to you in life is designed to help you develop unconditional love for yourself and the world.  Listen in as Toni and Kristin talk about how connecting to your own inner love source can help you let go of fear and find peace. Hey everyone, this is Kristin Maxwell and you are listening to Your SuperPowered Mind. Today, [...]


SPU – Writing as a Superpower Generator

Deb Cooperman, certified professional Coactive Coach and speaker, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about how writing acts as a superpower generator. Deb has written and edited articles and contributed to multiple books, including an essay in the 2017 Chicken Soup for the Soul - Random Acts of Kindness book. She continues to empower people by using her writing skills for creativity and personal growth. Listen in as she and Tonya talk about using the powerful yet simple practice of writing to understand and expand life and claim strength, power, and fabulosity. Hello, everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I have a lovely woman with us today. She's going to share her brilliance with you. She came to us through our Super Power Expert Jennifer Urezzio who has her show SuperPowers of the Soul which we're very excited about. Deb Cooperman [...]


SLSP – The Spiritual Energy of the Wild Woman

Tune in to this episode to hear Sex, Love and SuperPowers host Tatiana Berindei and Yoni Rising creatress ChristianeAnna Rodriguez not only discuss, but fully bring through the spiritual energy of the Wild Woman archetype. How do we access our wild woman? What do we do with our rage? What do we do with our fear? Listen in to this powerful conversation to hear more! Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers Podcast Show. I'm your host, Tatiana Berindei, and today, I have with me Christiane Anna Rodriguez, and we are going to be discussing the spiritual energy of the wild woman. This is going to be a really awesome conversation. Let me tell you a little bit about Christiane Anna. I love this bio she has here. It's a great example of the wild woman a little bit. It says Christiane Anna [...]


SPK – How to Start a Business in College

Nathan Hirsch, Cofounder and CEO of FreeeUp.com, joins Neva Lee Recla to share his insights on how to start a business in college. Nathan started his first business in college and sold over thirty million dollars online. Listen in and get advice on how to start your business in college. Hi, kids. This is your SuperPower Kid, Neva Lee Rekla. And today we have a really special treat for you. Today, we're talking with Nathan Hirsch, and today we're going to be talking with Nathan about how to start a business in college. So Nathan is the co-founder and CEO of FreeeUp.com. We met at CEO Space and he sold over 30 million dollars online. So without further ado, will you help me welcome our very special guest, Nathan Hirsch? Hi, Nathan. Hey, how you doing? [...]


SPU – Business Ideas from an Ecopreneur

Scott Simons, yoga and meditation teacher, community founder, and health and wellness ambassador, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about business ideas from the eye of an ecopreneur. Scott co-founded the DESTA Youth Network, a non-profit organization that helps marginalised youth back on track. He also contributed to health as a yoga teacher, personal trainer, speaker, and health coach. Join in as he and Tonya discuss business ideas that inspire a daily practice of health and enhance overall life, health and wellness. Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your superpower expert, and I have a really fun conversation for us today. We're talking today with Scott Simons, who is an ecopreneur folks, this is perfect. I know so many of us, our hearts are in this space of really making sure, the way he describes it is putting people, purpose and planet before profits. I [...]


SPM – Building Confidence in Families

Courtney Harris is a Life Coach for teens and their parents and she joins Laura Greco on SuperPower Mommas to discuss building confidence in families. Courtney supports tweens and teens and young adults in finding their voice, growing confidence and thriving. All are assisted in overcoming anxiety, disconnection and isolation as they explore their truest sense of self and develop a deep sense of empowerment. In addition, Courtney supports the parents in practicing self-care, growing alongside their children, and developing balanced sensitivity towards the process their rapidly-changing child creations. So join in on the discussion and see how building confidence in parenting can be achieved. Hello everyone, and welcome to the SuperPower Mommas show. I'm so excited that you are here again, and I am your host Laura Greco. Today, I have a wonderful, lovely guest, Courtney Harris. She is joining me from all the way [...]


SPU – Creative Entrepreneur Business

Ed Roman, award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, and multi-instrumentalist, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about entrepreneur business. Ed uniquely crafts songs that receive regular rotation on more than 100 radio stations across North America and more than 400 stations worldwide. He also travels to several countries to deliver humanitarian aid. Listen in as he and Tonya talk about his experiences as a creative entrepreneur business owner and how music can change people’s lives through his songs that deliver socio-political, earthly-conscious, and globally-aware messages. Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I have a really fun treat for you all today. We're talking today with Ed Roman, he is an award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, multi-instrumentalist, all kinds of fun stuff, but he operates in the pop rock full country music space, and tons and tons and tons of a litany of awards, [...]


SLSP – Building Confidence in Plus Size Women

In this episode Roz “the Diva” Mays, personal trainer, athlete and creator of Dangerous Curves: A Celebration of Plus Size Pole Dancers, joins Sex, Love and SuperPowers host, Tatiana Berindei, to talk about getting sweaty, getting naked and building confidence in other plus size women. Tune in as she gets raw and real about her career in pole dancing. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers podcast show. I am your host, Tatiana Berindei, and today I am really excited to have with me Roz, the Diva, Mays. We are going to be discussing building confidence in plus size women. If you do not know about this woman, get ready, because she is phenomenal. I'm already deeply in love with her, just from the little glimpses I've seen of her. Let me tell you a little bit about her. She has dedicated many late [...]


SPS – Consciously Raw

Jan Stringer, the creator of the Strategic Attraction Plan, joins Jennifer Urezzio to share how being consciously raw can transform your life and your relationships. Jan’s Strategic Attraction Plan is a process that has been used with thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals in all kinds of markets to create a strong business foundation upon which to stand. Jan chats openly about experiences where she had to be vulnerable and seen. Listen in as Jennifer and Jan discuss the power of being consciously raw. Hello, everyone, and welcome. I'm Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language. This is SuperPowers of the Soul. Today I'm with Jan Stringer, and we are talking, the topic is called Consciously Raw. Welcome, Jan. Hi, thank you. Hi. I'm so excited you to be here. I've followed you for years, so this is very exciting. I know I [...]


SLSP – Female Intuition and the Moon Centers

In this episode, world-renown Kundalini Yoga master, author and teacher Gurutej joins Sex, Love and SuperPowers host Tatiana Berindei to discuss an ancient Ayurvedic science that helps women access their female intuition. Gurutej outlines for us the 11 Moon Centers in a woman’s body, what they rule and how to identify when they are in and out of balance. Tune into this fascinating episode to learn more about this ancient Indian understanding. Hello everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast show. I'm your host Tatiana Berindei and today I'm really excited to have with me Guru Tej and we're going to be discussing female intuition and the moon centers. This is gonna be a very, very fascinating conversation. I have a feeling. As one of Yogi Bhajan's original students, Guru Tej emerged as a founding practitioner of Kundalini. She is now considered a foremost [...]


SLSP – Men’s Relationship to Wealth and Power

Justin Recla, founder of the Clear Directory and Director of Operations at Super Power Experts, joins Sex, Love and SuperPowers host Tatiana Berindei on an exploration of men’s relationship to wealth and power. In this powerful episode, Justin gives away some secrets about our relationship to money, outlines where men have fallen out of balance and gives some helpful tips for how to come back into alignment with money, power and - most importantly - ourselves. Don’t miss this episode! Listen in now! Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast show. I'm your host, Tatiana Berindei, and I am so excited to have with me here today my friend and business advisor, Justin Recla. We are going to be discussing men's relationship to wealth and power. This is going to be a really good one, and before we jump in, I'm going [...]


SPS – Tools for Conscious Systems

Brad Gudim, also known as MagicBrad, is part of America’s hot new generation of business and product promoters. He joins Jennifer Urezzio on the SuperPowers of the Soul show to talk about conscious systems and to share the tools for developing them. Brad turns small into big and big into bigger. His credits include an impressive list of trade shows, expos, and product promotions and a long list of clients like Marriott Hotels, CIMA Labs, and many more. Listen in as he shares his vast marketing and sales knowledge and experiences and he shares with Jennifer the different tools to use for conscious systems. Hello, I am Jennifer Urezzio, a Super Power Expert and founder of Soul Language. This is SuperPowers of the Soul. I am with Brad Gudim today. The topic today is tools for conscious systems. Welcome Brad, how are you? I am wonderful [...]


YSPM – Accessing Your Personal Power

Abby Rohrer, master anxiety healer and coach, joins Kristin Maxwell to discuss strategies for accessing your personal power. As the author of three books and numerous programs, Abby has spent over two decades helping women neutralize anxiety and stress, so that they can fully pursue their business and personal dreams and finally find freedom and success. Join us as Abby shares how facing her own truth allowed her to overcome a 24-year addiction -- and how facing your truth is a necessary precursor to accessing your personal power and mastering your mind. Hi, everyone. Welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind. I'm your host, Kristin Maxwell, and I am so excited you're here. In this podcast we are going to give you tools and strategies you can use right away to master your mind, connect to your personal power, and transform yourself and your world. My guest today [...]


YSPM – Reclaiming Personal Power through Female Sexuality

Tatiana Berindei, Super Power Expert and host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast, joins Kristin Maxwell to share the power of connecting to our bodies and tuning into divine feminine power. A spiritual counselor and minister, Tatiana spent years learning from elders in indigenous cultures around the world and now shares how wisdom traditions and ceremony allow us to feel whole. Join us as Tatiana explains how being our body -- being truly “embodied” -- can help untangle our relationship to sexuality. Hi everyone. This is Kristin Maxwell, and you are listening to Your SuperPowered Mind. We have a very interesting guest today. We are gonna be talking to Tatiana Berindei about reclaiming personal power through female sexuality. Tatiana is the host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast. She is a spiritual counselor, an ordained minister through The Center For Sacred Studies, a former [...]


YSPM – Personal Growth through Mindfulness

Clarissa Hughes, founder of The Little Breathing Space, a mindfulness coaching business, joins Kristin Maxwell to explore how to achieve personal growth through mindfulness. A former senior level executive at corporations throughout Asia and Europe, Clarissa herself discovered the power of mindfulness to heal her own life. Now an international speaker and mindfulness expert, Clarissa empowers individuals to remove stress and overwhelm and create purposeful lives. In this interview, Clarissa explains how simple mindfulness practices increase self-acceptance and self-compassion. Join Clarissa and Kristin to learn how to increase peace and joy in your own life. Hi everyone, this is Kristin Maxwell and you are listening to Your SuperPowered Mind. We have a really fun topic today. We're talking to Clarissa Hughes about achieving personal growth through mindfulness. Clarissa is the founder of The Little Breathing Space, a mindful coaching business in Sweden. She spent 28 years [...]


YSPM – Giving Voice to Your Confidence

Michelle Kopper, a voice, visibility and video coach, joins Kristin Maxwell to share how you can expand your presence and give voice to your message with confidence. Harnessing the skills she gained as a professional actor and singer/songwriter, Michelle now guides visionary entrepreneurs to find their voice, clarify their message and expand their presence so they can powerfully share their gifts with the world. Michelle’s unique transformation process harnesses the power, sound, and vibration of the human voice to get you out of your head and into action. Join us as Michelle and Kristin discuss the process for using your voice to raise your energy, heal blocks and fears, and expand self-confidence. Hi everyone. Welcome to Your SuperPowered Mind. I'm your host, Kristin Maxwell, and we are here today to give you some tools and strategies that you can use right now to start to master [...]


SPU – What is Personal Development Now?

Georgia Woodbine, lifestyle and transformation coach, joins Tonya Dawn Recla on the SuperPower Up! Podcast to share her innate wisdom regarding the evolution of personal development and to answer the question: What is personal development now? With over fifteen years of entrepreneurial success and an extensive marketing background, Georgia has worked with Def Jam, PolyGram, WNYU Radio, WQHT-Hot 97, Black Enterprise Magazine, and the Apollo Theatre. She enjoys being an empowerment advocate for others to find their true purpose. Listen in as Georgia and Tonya debate the topic of personal development and the importance of embracing its evolution. Hello everyone, this is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. I have a delightful woman with us today. Georgia Woodbine is just, she's the walking, talking embodiment of inspiration. She's so beautiful and delightful, and you're really going to love connecting with her energy. But she operates [...]


SPU – The Power of Women’s Intuition

Lea Bayles, a transformational speaker, coach, performer, author, and teacher, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to explain women's intuition. She has helped thousands of people connect with the wise delight of their bodies and the expansive creative power of spirit. Her playful, practical, compassionate and mystical approach draws from her master’s degree in psychology and experience with theater, dance, mind-body healing, energy work, shamanism, yoga, tantra and chi-kung and her personal challenges and joys with living in a body. Listen in as she talks about the power of women's intuition. Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert, and I have such a treat for you today. Lea Bayles is this magical, yummy, just warm hug of energy today, and our conversation is already very beautiful, so I'm sure you can feel where I'm sitting energetically with it, but we're going to talk about [...]


SLSP – Understanding Men in the Wake of #MeToo

Dr. David Gruder, a Psychologist and the President of Integrity Culture Systems, joins Tatiana Berindei to talk about understanding men and the journey of elevating the divine masculine. His mission is to make happiness sustainable, collaboration productive, integrity profitable, and society healthy. He is known for his broad talents, integrative mind, unquenchable passion, huge heart, deep integrity, and naked authenticity. Everything he provides is geared to help you make all of this possible so you can succeed in your chosen spheres of influence. Listen in as he shares his insights about understanding men in the wake of #MeToo. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Sex, Love, and SuperPowers Podcast Show. I am your host, Tatiana Berindei, and I am so honored to have with me today Dr. David Gruder. We are going to be discussing understanding men in the wake of Me Too. David Gruder has a very impressive bio. He's [...]


SPU – The Strategy of True Power

Ryan Andrews, best-selling author and entrepreneur, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about the strategy of true power using perseverance and fun. Ryan created a proven system to find passion and purpose. His ALIVE program develops leaders, builds relationships and connects families. He uses brain science, biochemistry and cutting edge Positive Psychology to step people through the areas that are holding them back. Ryan's mission is to represent life turned on in every moment and to show others the power of living from purpose, passion and joy. Listen in as he shares with Tonya his journey back to true power and fun. Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I am so excited for a really fun-packed show today. We have with us today Ryan Andrews. Ryan is the fun guru. He is the master of fun. He is like, you know, the Jedi knight with the fun-ness. [...]


SPU – Using Trust to Increase Your Confidence Level

Chinwe Osuagwu, founder and CEO of Trust Teams, Inc., joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about how to use trust to increase your confidence levels. Over the course of Chinwe's twenty-three year career, she's been fascinated with what makes teams work, specifically the interpersonal dynamics that foster productive team environments. She analyzes the challenges facing teams in order to facilitate peak performance. Listen in as she shares her experience and wisdom in this compelling interview. Hello, everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I am delighted to have with me today, just a wonderful woman. Her name is, Chinwe Osuagwu, or Chin for short and she's joining us today to talk all about, Using Trust to Increase your Confidence Level and why I think this is such a crucial conversation as you all know, the conversations are on due diligence and transparency and [...]


SPU – Strategies for Personal Development

Peggy Sealfon, internationally-known expert in overcoming fear and anxiety, joins Tonya Dawn Recla to discuss powerful and practical strategies for personal development. Peggy uses her keen intuitive ability to blend eastern and western traditions from ancient yogic techniques, mindfulness and spirituality to functional medicine, modern psychology, energy medicine, nutrition and the neurosciences. Listen as they talk about ways to expedite and expand your personal development.  Hello, everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert; and I'm excited to share with you our guest on the show, she is in our listeners choice guest list. For the next couple of  minute we will have her on the show, just saying bye to relax into that space. Peggy Sealfon is a Personal Development Coach and Motivational Speaker an  Internationally known Expert. She's got a remarkable kind of bio. I really want to emphasize what I find [...]


SPK – Being Confident with Marty Ward

Marty Ward, Founder of Confidence Eliminates Bullying, joins Neva Lee Recla to discuss the power of being confident in all aspects of life. As a former teacher, school-based social worker, and as a transformation strategist for entrepreneurs, Marty provides programs to schools, parents, and grandparents to inspire them to create confident kids who believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bullies. Listen in to this inspiring conversation between two individuals passionate about empowering kids.  Hi, kids. This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla, and today we have on our show a very special guest. Her name is Marty Ward and she is one of my book sponsors, and that means so much to me because I want to inspire kids to be confident in doing their business. I really just want to get this book out there, and she's [...]


SPU – Personal Growth Through Authenticity

Laura Gmeinder joins Tonya Dawn Recla as they dive into the intricacies of personal growth and the power of authenticity. Laura is a top rated speaker, coach and business consultant. She is an In Business Magazine “40 Under 40” honored for her business savvy and civic contributions. Listen in as they discuss how to show up powerfully in career, relationships, and life. Hello, everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I'm really excited to have with me today, Laura Gmeinder.  She is... she’s just very delightful! That's a great word for her. What I loved when I was looking into her and kindaoncept of the passion igniters. So I'm really excited to talk about that today. We're gonna go over the concept of personal growth through authenticity and you know, how to embody that, how to talk about, how to be that [...]


SPU – Can One Man Change the World?

Many have wondered if they have the power to change the world, but few explore how they would do it. In this episode of SuperPower Up!, we chat with Jeff Rasley who embodies the notion that absolutely one man can change the world. Jeff discusses how his work with the Boss Village Foundation helped the people of Nepal, India. He helped raise monies to create foundational systems that supported education, health and wellness. His ideology on becoming a better person for yourself, starts in the commitment to be of service to the world. Photo by Jeff Rasley Hello, everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I am really touched today to have with me a remarkable man. You know he's one of those people that we say he looks really good on paper I couldn't even pretend to jump into [...]


SPU – 5 Areas of Personal Development

In this SuperPower Up! episode, Tonya Dawn Recla chats with Donald Allen Williams and explores the five areas of personal development. We discuss how we can use our senses to their full advantage and develop them in a way that helps us shift our lives. Donald believes that our physical sensation meres the importance of our emotional sensation – encouraging us to create a relationship with both senses to better understanding our intentions. Hello, everyone! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I'm very excited to have on the show with us today, a unique man, you're going to love this. As with a lot of our guests, there's a nice juxtaposition of worlds. You know we are the bridge builders and Donald Allen Williams has a fascinating story about recovery, about moving beyond, about questioning realities and he's really good at sharing [...]


SPU – How to Build Confidence with Jeff Nemeth

Jeff Nemeth joins Tonya Dawn Recla to talk about how to build confidence and harness it as a superpower. And channels his inner Donald Duck... Jeff works with people to challenge the bounds of what's possible with their bodies in order to reframe how they approach life. Listen in as he shares his secrets for getting through obstacles and taking charge of your existence. Hello, everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. And I'm really really really excited to have on the show today, Jeff Nemeth. I’m not going to let him talk for a second because I really want to brag about this guy. So you know how you know as you go along this evolutionary journey and you accomplish some things in your life and you get to know yourself better what not and you just really want to find those people [...]


SPU – Personal Achievements and Persistence with Michael Danziger

Michael Danziger is no stranger to struggle, which makes his triumphs even more noteworthy. He chats with Tonya Dawn Recla to discuss how his short-comings at Yale were, in part, a catalyst for his personal achievements there as well. His book, Small Puddles, is his triumphant story as Yale University’s Worst Oarsman ever. Tune in! Hello everybody! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and I am delighted to have with us today, Michael Danziger. So I want to brag about him for a minute because Michael isn't somebody that we would typically talk about in terms of, you know, having like let's say, more of our woo-woo guests like the energy work and the healers and the this and that. But we do have on this show amazing people in business. But here's a gentleman who in my opinion, and it's not extremely [...]


SPK – Being Iron Man with Angela Hubbs

Angela Hubbs joins host Neva Lee Recla to talk about her super powers of being Iron Man (an Ironman Triathlete) and sharing joy. Listen in as they talk about Wonder Woman, Supergirl, cats, dogs, business conferences, and all kinds of magical things. Hi, kids. This is your Super Power Kid, Neva Lee Recla. Today I'm here with a very special guest, Angela Hubbs. Hi Angela. Hi there. How are you? I'm awesome. Hanging out with Marvin and Moira ... Well, Marvin. He's the first kitty on our show. Love it. Question for ya. I'm ready for ya. What are your superpowers? Well my first superpower is I'm an Iron Man. Okay, so I'm going to tell you, an Iron Man is someone who can swim 2.4 miles, then bike ride 112 miles, then run a full marathon, 26.2 miles all with [...]


SPU – How to be Confident in Yourself

Funny Face Time with Tonya Dawn Recla and Neva Lee Recla Executive Director, Tonya Dawn Recla, and Founder of Super Power Kids, Neva Lee Recla, talk about how to be confident in yourself. They share their experiences at an event called Meltdown in the Desert in Phoenix, Arizona. There they learned the importance of being confident, telling your story, and being afraid, but doing it anyway. Listen in as they share secrets to success from some of the top social influencers. Hello! This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert and my daughter ... Neva Lee Recla, your Super Power kid. Oh, goodness. Today we're talking about how to be confident in yourself, right? Yup! We're big fans of being confident. As you can tell. We're sitting here doing a podcast together and it's video. We're pretty big fans of [...]


SPU – Legal Love: Aligning Legal Steps with The Chakras with Lisa Fraley

In this episode, Lisa Fraley talks about legal love and how she works on aligning legal steps with the chakras, caring for your business and caring for yourself. She talks about her book as well, Easy Legal Steps… That Are Also Good for Your Soul. Lisa helps her clients build businesses and make their dreams come true. Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, is an acclaimed attorney, Legal Coach®, speaker, and #1 Best Selling Author of Easy Legal Steps...That are Also Good for Your Soul." With her unique blend of coaching, legal expertise, and spirituality, Lisa has supported thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs and small business owners to protect themselves, their businesses and their brands through DIY legal templates, online legal courses and one-on-one services. I’m so delighted to have with me today, Lisa Fraley. She is delightful and in such a cool space. She is a legal coach. Not only does [...]


SPU – Channeling The Alchemists with Energetic Alchemist Ina Lukas

Energetic Alchemist, Ina Lukas, talks about channeling The Alchemists. She talks about being very focused on group energy and the transformation that happens, about how we fear pain but it really isn't pain, it is actually love. She also channels The Alchemists for us and they give us a powerful message. Ina Lukas works with people who are ready for a breakthrough to help release their biggest relationship, health, and money issues quickly and easily with Divine Guidance. Her unique approach combines playfulness and levity, with laser-focused intuitive skills, allowing people who are ready to create a shift in their life to have fast, fun, life-changing results. I’m so delighted to have with me today, Ina Lukas. We spoke first and then we were able to meet in person. You just curl up into this love that emanates off of her. If you get a chance to hug this [...]


SPU – Communing With The Ocean with Jillian Rutledge

In this episode, Jillian Rutledge talks about communing with the ocean and the dolphins through mimicking them, connecting with the environment, and really deeply being in harmony with the environment as her superpowers. She also shares how freediving is also diving deep within yourself, because it requires intense focus but also a high level of relaxation. Connecting with nature in a deep and meaningful way has been a true desire of Jillian Rutledge since she was a child. She believed she could “talk” with the animals. As she grew up, this desire matured into discovering ways to foster interspecies relationships, as she trusts this is one of the ways in which humans and the planet can flourish together. This led her to evolve as a Veterinary Technologist, Animal Behaviorist, Energy Worker, Yoga Practitioner, Life Coach, Underwater Photographer and Freediving Instructor with a focus on the connection between people and animals. I have a woman on the [...]


SPK – Getting Real and Being Weird with JP Sears

In this Super Power Kids episode, Neva Lee Recla and JP Sears talk about pets, parenting, and being weird. Neva shares her impression of Miranda Sings and does an oracle reading for JP Sears. JP Sears also provides Neva with some advice about how to take criticism and still keep going. JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, YouTuber, author, international teacher, speaker at events, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. JP is the author of How To Be Ultra Spiritual. He is very active with his online videos where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos. You can learn more about JP and his work at AwakenWithJP.com. Today, I'm here with a very special guest, JP Sears. If you're on Facebook, you've seen him. He does so [...]


SPU – EPIC Parenting: Empowered, Peaceful, Inspired, Connected with Dr. Tiffanie Noonan

In today's episode, Dr. Tiffanie Noonan talks about EPIC Parenting. EPIC stands for: Empowered, Peaceful, Inspired and Connected. She tells us that her superpowers are intuition, energetic sensitivity and love. These superpowers have helped her in her EPIC Parenting work as she connects with parents and teach them techniques and tools to be an epic parents for their kids. Tiffanie is a Pediatrician, certified Parenting Coach, and founder of EPIC Parenting. As an advocate for empowering children with a strong sense of self-worth, internal motivation, and empathy, Dr. Noonan speaks and writes extensively to share her message as well as serve as Board Secretary for Parenting 2.0ʼs educational non- profit, The Global Presence. She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and 2 sons. I am very excited to have with me today a delightful woman, Dr. Tiffanie Noonan. She’s this nice mix of the real change agents in [...]


SPU – Do The Work And Fight Your Demons with Scott Donat

In this episode, Scott Donat talks about being a demon killer as his superpowers. By demons, he refers to feelings of doubts, guilt, fear, and all the personal demons that we have. He talks about how you can fight your demons, and how that is possible but it does require some work. Scott has become a hypnotherapist, a reflexologist, practices Native American teachings and rituals, and continues his work as a recovering alcoholic. He is an integral part of The New Way, a progressive spiritual community where diverse individuals come together to spread a vision of world peace and love. I am really excited to have with me today just a gem of a guy. Scott Donat, I love being in his presence. He’s got this quirky solidity to him. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, but when you really feel into it, it’s absolutely perfect. He wields it [...]

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