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Laura Greco, SPE Coach, Podcaster and Contributor, spent her years mastering the dynamics of parent/child relations and the power of choice within the family unit. Laura’s passion for creating harmony and unity in families stems from her experience breaking free of old patterns as she raised her own 4 daughters into young womanhood. She knows that raising conscious children is both a real responsibility and a deeply fulfilling gift. She now guides others to recognize how the entire family benefits when Mommas connect into their own intuition and pave the way. Laura now spends her days creating space to deepen the family bond and supporting others to remember the essence of love they are.

SPM – What to Consider When Facing Relationship Issues

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Jennifer Hurvitz, relationship coach, author and podcast host, joins Laura Greco as they explore what to consider when facing relationship issues. Jennifer helps people understand what a happy divorce can look like and how to dip their toes back into dating and face the world. In addition, she loves sharing her insight on how to stay in the marriage successfully too! She is a momma of two teenage boys and you are warmly invited to listen in on this discussion as we focus on the core of relationships whether you are in a marriage or navigating a divorce situation. Hello and welcome. You're listening to SuperPower Mommas and I am your podcast host, Laura Greco, stumbling over my words already. I'm so excited to be with you today. We are talking on a topic with what to consider when facing [...]

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SPM – Be More Confident as a Momma

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Dr. J Fisher, a licensed psychologist and certified hypnotherapist, joins Laura Greco in a discussion about what you need to be more confident as a momma. Dr. J provides Mental Fitness Coaching, a new way of approaching life for those who feel out of shape emotionally and spiritually. In their conversation, Dr J shares 3 strategy tools and how to integrate these into an already busy life to achieve the confidence that a momma wants to step into her role as a parent with love and confidence and be her most powerful self with dignity. When you listen in, you will glean valuable gems you can integrate into your everyday right away. Hello and welcome. I'm Laura Greco, your SuperPower Momma Podcast host, and I'm so excited that you're here today. I'm also excited to speak with Dr. J. We [...]

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SPM – What is Confidence?

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Tracey Severns, who is currently the Leadership and Learning Strategist for Rutgers Graduate School, joins Laura Greco as they explore the question of what is confidence and how do we model that for our children. Tracey is well positioned to speak to this topic as she has dedicated her entire career to the service of students, teachers and administrators since 1992. In serving as a classroom aide, a special education teacher, a vice principal and a director of student performance and a mom of her own two children, she’s gained much insight to what can assist moms and dads to building and nurturing the confidence that will be life sustaining to our children. So if you’ve ever wondered how you can support, instill and nurture confidence with deep love in your children, you’ll truly benefit from Tracey’s insight. Join us and let’s keep [...]

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SPM – Personal Development Ideas for Healing Anxiety

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Ann Hession, an energy healer, joins Laura Greco to discuss personal development ideas for healing anxiety. Ann is certified as a medical intuitive and is also a Body Code Practitioner. She has studied alternative forms of transformational healing for over 30 years. She was a director of a large alternative healthcare center and holds a BA in Psychology from Harvard University. As a momma of two daughters, she has personally walked the road as a parent herself and has much to share on the topic of healing anxiety and why we find ourselves there in the first place. She also shares some great tools. So be sure to listen in and learn how you can create healing from anxiety, move through life with more grace and model this for your children. I am excited to see you there. Hello and [...]

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SPM – How to be Confident and Claim Your Power

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Tracie Bieler, a nutrition and fitness coach, joins Laura Greco as they discuss how to be confident and claim your power. As a mom herself of 4 boys (including twins and a special needs child), Tracie shares her story of parenting during some emotionally challenging times. Her self-claimed superpower of determination has done her great service. And it is this story that is the why behind what she teaches and lives. She loves speaking at events for moms and helping them learn to take back their power and that caring for themselves is vital to caring for their families. Listen in as she shares her heart with us. Hello and welcome. You're listening to SuperPower Mommas and I'm Laura Greco, your host. Today, we are going to be talking with Tracie Bieler on a topic of How to be Confident [...]

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A Momma’s Best Superpower

A Momma's Best Superpower Laura Greco explores what a momma’s best superpower is. This article not only reveals this best superpower of a momma, but also dives into the momma’s movement taking hold throughout the world. You are not going to want to miss this if you are a momma who wants to know and step into her best superpower and be a part of impacting the world! When looking up the definition of superpowers, I discovered a strong reference to a ‘powerful nation.’ Are you looking to be a part of something powerful? Right now, mommas all over the world are joining together to develop their best superpower. This community is a ‘powerful nation’ of mommas unified in their mission to raise children who are self aware, considerate of others and present in life. These [...]

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SPM – Knowing Your Self Worth Matters

In the episode of SuperPower Mommas, Wendy Perrotti, a professional certified coach, joins Laura Greco as they discuss the topic of knowing that your self worth matters. Wendy is an ICF Credentialed and professional certified coach, speaker and trainer with over 25 experience helping individuals and groups affect change. And she is a mom of 2 children and a wife. You’ll enjoy hearing about her story and her journey “within” as she navigated her parenting years. You’ll likely see yourself in some of what shares. A highlight is when she shares a special tool, one that she teaches all her clients to create an in-the-moment experience, a mindful technique that will actually rewire your brain to create a life of more peace and harmony in your everyday. So, join us, you will not want to miss out on this tool. Hello and welcome. You're listening to [...]

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SPM – The Role of Women Empowerment as a Momma

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Sara Martinez, founder of The River of Wellness, joins Laura Greco to illuminate the role of women empowerment as mommas. Sara’s multifaceted background and journey in life eventually led her to parenthood, which is when she discovered how lonely and unfulfilled life could be. She shares how this felt for her and how this led her to muster up her superpowers along with her versatile skills, to create a space and experience where moms understand their value and that taking care of herself first means taking care of her family. You won’t want to miss this conversation as Sara shares her journey and what she has learned and offers through connection. Hello and welcome. I'm Laura Greco, your host of SuperPower Mommas. And today, I'm so excited because we have a wonderful guest, Sara Martinez, and we're talking on the [...]

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SPM – The Power of One Person Can Change the World

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Suzanne Hobbs an advocate for Safe Haven Law, joins Laura Greco in the discussion of Suzanne’s conviction that the power of one person can change the world. Her story on this journey began when she was a news anchor and crime reporter for both NBC and CBS affiliate stations. In this interview you’ll learn how this one woman created change, became a mom to a Safe Haven baby, in addition to working to insure that no child is ever left without care again. Join us to see not only how her story is an inspiration to all moms, but also how you can help. Hello and welcome. I'm Laura Greco, your host of SuperPower Mommas, and I am so excited to be with you today. I have a beautiful guest, Suzanne Hobbs, and we will be talking on the topic [...]

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SPM – What Areas of Personal Growth Enhance the Parenting Experience?

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Laura Greco is joined by Allison Livingston, a Conflict Resolution Mediator, to explore areas of personal growth that enhance the parenting experience. Allison began her journey in this arena in 2005 when she sought a way to relate to her oldest daughter who was a spirited 4 year-old child. Allison knew that she needed help to understand how she could be successful when all she felt was triggered and challenged. And who of us mommas haven’t felt this way? Please, join our discussion as we explore this topic and how to navigate with more clarity and peace around your parenting experiences. Hello and welcome. I'm Laura Greco and you’re at SuperPower Mommas. We're so excited to be with you today. Our topic is what areas of personal growth enhance the parenting experience. And I'm here today with Allison Livingston and [...]

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SPM – 12 Words Can Change the World

Do you believe words can change the world? In this episode of SuperPower Mommas, Gretchen Burman, author of Character U, joins SPM host Laura Greco to discuss the most powerful 12 words she knows. While pregnant with her first daughter, Gretchen asked herself the question, “How can I teach my daughter to feel good about herself on the inside and display kindness and respectl to others?” Listen in and hear her share her journey as a mom and learn more about the awesome tools she has created to serve parents everywhere. Hello and welcome to SuperPower Mommas. I am your host, Laura Greco, and I'm so excited. We have a really great show today, and the topic is 12 Words Can Change the World. How about that? My friend, Gretchen Burman, is an author. She has founded the Character U, which empowers elementary children with character [...]

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SPM – What Does Entrepreneur Mean as a Momma

In this episode of SuperPower Mommas Anna Nummy, founder of Align Local, joins host Laura Greco to answer the question “what does entrepreneur mean as a momma?” Taking the testing, measuring and repeating lessons she learned as a biotech and biochem student, Anna now runs a successful marketing and advertising business. A mother of two, Anna has also found the time to become a Tinkergarten Leader. Tune in to hear this inspiring woman share how she fills her soul through her entrepreneurship while also caring for her children and home. Hello everyone and welcome to SuperPower Mommas. I'm Laura Greco, your host, and I'm so excited to be talking with you today. Our topic is what does entrepreneur mean as a momma. We have a momma with us, Anna Nummy, who is the owner of Align Local. Anna started out actually as an undergraduate for biochemistry [...]

2019-03-12T17:23:19-07:00March 19th, 2019|

SPM – Rising Up to Live an Extraordinary Life

What does it take for kids to live an extraordinary life? On this very special show, our own Neva Lee Recla of the Super Power Kids podcast joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas as they discuss this child’s unique journey and mission. And, extraordinary Neva is! An entrepreneur, author, speaker, and inspiration, Neva is on a mission to inspire 1 million kids to do business and to encourage adults to support them. And she is only 9 years old. You will not want to miss this special show as Neva gives perspective through the eyes of a child for all of us mommas to see what her experience is as an entrepreneur. Hello, everyone. And welcome. I'm so excited to be with you today. This is SuperPower Mommas that you're listening to and I'm Laura Greco, your host. Today we have a very special guest. I'm [...]

2019-04-11T16:03:30-07:00March 5th, 2019|

SPM – Spiritual Renewal through Space Clearing

Seasoned professional organizer-turned-healer Amara Willey joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas in an energetic discussion about how clearing your space can be a form of spiritual renewal. Amara Willey combines her 25 years of study as a healer with her nearly two decades as a professional organizer in a process she calls Spiritual Space Clearing. Listen in as she shares the secrets of her 3 Pillars to Serenity method of cleansing and clearing your space. Hello everyone and welcome. You're listening to SuperPower Mommas, and our topic today is Spiritual Renewal Through Space Clearing. And we're speaking today with Amara Willey. And Amara Willey has been following a healing path for more than 25 years. She's received her massage therapy degree in 1997, and she trained as a medical intuitive and began studying across cultures shamanism. She received her Reiki master's to the level of atonement [...]

2019-02-21T13:23:44-07:00February 19th, 2019|

SPM – The Truth about Meltdowns and What Self Development Methods Really Work

Sandy Hall is the CEO of Perfectly Imperfect Parenting Solutions and creator of the MOM Method (Minimize Our Meltdowns) and she joins Laura Greco in a discussion regarding the truth about meltdowns and what self development methods really work. As a mom of 2 kids, an integrative wellness and life coach, Sandy helps to cut through all of the “shoulds” that have been piled on us (by others and ourselves) to get clear on what you REALLY WANT, and how to get it.  She is known for her superpower, as a solution finder, and she helps you harness that ability too. You won’t want to miss this discussion as we dive into the bottom line about meltdowns and Sandy shares a tool to help you, as a momma, to begin navigation this behavior with success. Hello, and welcome. I'm Laura Greco, and you're listening to SuperPower [...]

2019-01-25T20:18:24-07:00February 5th, 2019|

SPM – Embracing Human Brain Consciousness through Neuro-Nurturing

Deborah McNelis, an entrepreneurial author, international speaker and passionate creator of Neuro-Nurturing, joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas. You will definity want to listen to this lively and informative discussion on embracing human consciousness through neuro-nurturing. As an Early Brain Development Specialist and founder of Brain Insights LLC, Deborah developed unique tools for neuro-nurturing in English and Spanish. You’ll love hearing what she shares about information overload around parenting. She shares how clutter can be eliminated through moms focusing into their intuition and then using tools to enhance that knowing. Be sure to join us and then chime into the Super Powers are Real Facebook group to let us know your best takeaway. Hello and welcome. You're listening to SuperPower Mommas and I'm Laura Greco, your host. I'm so excited that you are here today. This is the show where mommas are recalling their superpowers and [...]

2019-01-20T23:33:13-07:00January 22nd, 2019|

SPM – Compassion, The Secret to Positive Parenting

Jessica Silverman is a Certified Parenting coach, Positive Parent Educator and an early intervention speech-language pathologist, and she joins Laura Greco in an interesting discussion around compassion as the secret to positive parenting. Jessica takes great pleasure in serving the needs of children and their families. She is the founder of Parenting with Clarity, which is a heart-centered business designed to help parents experience greater ease and positive and lasting changes in their families. She shares much wisdom and heart as you will hear and she herself is a parent of 2 children. Join us for this compassionate discussion and gain the wisdom shared here. Hello. I'm Laura your host, and you are listening to SuperPower Mamas. I'm so excited to have both you and my guests with me. Today, we are talking on the topic of compassion, the secret to positive parenting. I have Jessica [...]

2019-01-08T14:37:50-07:00January 8th, 2019|

SPM – Self Improvement Habits that Create Harmony and Peace

Lauren Cardinale, a board-certified hypnotherapist, joins Laura Greco on SuperPower Mommas as they discuss self improvement habits that create harmony and peace. Lauren was formerly a corporate girl and found that she wanted to affect change at a deeper and more efficient level. So she sought out the most comprehensive and trusted existing program, the Hypnotherapy Academy of America. As a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist and Board Fellow, Lauren specializes in accelerated healing and pain management. In addition to being a hypnotherapist, she is a momma, a results coach, a speaker, educator, radio host, thought wrangler and possibilities peddler. You will thoroughly enjoy this conversation that contains encouraging discussion for mommas of today as well as meaningful habits that create harmony and peace that you can start today. So listen in and enjoy more harmony and peace in your life too. Hello and welcome everyone to SuperPower Mommas. [...]

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SPM – How to Improve Your Confidence by Gaining Clarity with Your Finances

Jessica Weaver, a Wealth Advisor with Foran Financial Group with Raymond James Financial Services, joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas to discuss how to improve your confidence by gaining clarity with your finances. Jessica’s mission is to help more women gain control, clarity, and confidence over their finances and the next chapter of their life. Jessica has been an advisor for over 8 years, but during the past few years has transformed her work. It all started when she noticed how uninvolved women were with their money, even with her own parents and grandparents. She knew there needed to be a way to make an overwhelming topic like money more approachable to women. And along with her career she is a momma of a one year old. Listen now as Jessica and Laura explore the importance of becoming comfortable and gaining clarity with money and being a momma in [...]

2018-12-05T18:10:26-07:00December 11th, 2018|

SPM – What Does it Mean to be Intuitive

Isabel Hundt, a successful public speaker and certified transformation coach, joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas as they explore what does it mean to be intuitive and what role intuition plays for parents today. As a transformation coach who works with empaths and empath-warriors, Isabel also engages in emotions clearing. In addition, Isabel is a published author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success and has been featured on TV shows, radio and other well know podcasts. Her expertise revolves around navigating the emotional world, and the important role of empaths/empath-warriors, the power of intuition and the importance of trust and perseverance in today’s society. Tune in to this conversation and gain insight into Isabel’s experiences of being a present momma and entrepreneur. Hello. You're listening to SuperPower Mommas, and I'm Laura Greco, your host. I am so excited to be with you today. I have a [...]

2018-11-15T21:53:21-07:00November 27th, 2018|

SPM – How to Illuminate Mental Clutter and Achieve Inner Balance

Gail Kreitzer of The Little Big Things, LLC helps people create space in their minds so they can live with less stress and greater intention. She joins Laura Greco on SuperPower Mommas as they discuss how to eliminate mental clutter and achieve inner balance. Gail’s company offers training services and tools designed to facilitate her approach to mental organization, which fosters enhanced productivity and mindfulness across all areas of one's busy life. Gail believes that mental organization is a key pillar of health & wellness. Listen in on the conversation as she shares the tools she teaches and steps you can take right away at home to begin to unravel the overwhelm in your life...you won't want to miss this! Hello and welcome, everyone, to SuperPower Mommas. I am your host, Laura Greco. This is a place where you are going to know for sure that [...]

2018-11-05T22:42:56-07:00November 13th, 2018|

SPM – Building Confidence in Families

Courtney Harris is a Life Coach for teens and their parents and she joins Laura Greco on SuperPower Mommas to discuss building confidence in families. Courtney supports tweens and teens and young adults in finding their voice, growing confidence and thriving. All are assisted in overcoming anxiety, disconnection and isolation as they explore their truest sense of self and develop a deep sense of empowerment. In addition, Courtney supports the parents in practicing self-care, growing alongside their children, and developing balanced sensitivity towards the process their rapidly-changing child creations. So join in on the discussion and see how building confidence in parenting can be achieved. Hello everyone, and welcome to the SuperPower Mommas show. I'm so excited that you are here again, and I am your host Laura Greco. Today, I have a wonderful, lovely guest, Courtney Harris. She is joining me from all the way [...]

2018-10-17T23:57:41-07:00October 30th, 2018|

SPM – How to Get What You Want by Loving Yourself First

Nat Couropmitree guides innovative leaders to live their lives through the energetic frequency of their Truest Selves. He joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas as they explore the topic of how to get what you want by loving yourself first. Nat is all about tapping into love, respect and value that frees people from the exhausting cycle of working harder to gain something that can never be achieved through more effort, more work, more sacrifice, and creates space for them to experience what they really long for...ease, joy and adventure in the present moment. Aside from his website, you can also find Nat on his podcast Bold Magnificence. Be sure to listen in and glean for yourself how self love must come first. Hello and welcome to SuperPower Mommas. I am your host, Laura Greco, and I'm so excited to have you listening today. Our topic [...]

2018-10-15T21:42:07-07:00October 16th, 2018|

SPM – What is the Secret to Balance for Mommypreneurs

Kenneth Choo is an entrepreneur, business consultant and mother industrialist. He joins Laura Greco of SuperPower Mommas to explore the question...what is the secret to balance for mommypreneurs? Kenneth is best known for his out-of-the box thinking and offers creative solutions for his clients marketing campaigns. With his book, Mother Industrialist, he helps moms become entrepreneurs and to perfect the balance between motherhood and business success. Join in and hear his story of why he coaches mommas. Hello and welcome. I'm your host, Laura Greco and you are in the SuperPower Mommas Show today. I'm so excited to bring you to this topic of what is the secret to balance for mommypreneurs. Today, we have a very special guest who has been working with mamapreneurs for such a long time, and he's written a beautiful book, which is what he's best known for, and that is [...]

2018-10-01T21:51:37-07:00October 2nd, 2018|

SPM – Parenting from a Foundation of Abundance

Jennifer Bloome, a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner, joins Laura Greco to discuss the power of parenting from the foundation of abundance. Jennifer teaches people how to communicate directly with their Soul, so they that can co-create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance in alignment with their gifts, talents, and true nature. Her journey began by helping women re-align with, and create what they want from, their Soul’s Inner Abundance since 2001. She began by helping women create the babies their heart desired and then discovered that the same process created abundance of all kinds. Listen in she elaborates on what it means to parent from the foundation of abundance and how that creates grace and ease in parenting. Welcome, everyone, to the show today. I'm Laura Greco, your host, and you are listening to Superpower Mamas. I'm so excited about our [...]

2018-08-10T15:17:56-07:00September 18th, 2018|

SPM – The Personal Growth Opportunity in Parenting

Tatiana Berindei, Super Power Experts and host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers show, joins Laura Greco on SuperPower Mommas to discuss the personal growth opportunity in parenting. Tatiana loves to work with women – especially with mothers – to help them to reclaim their feminine power, embrace their sexuality in a profound and healthy way and become more present in their bodies so that they can model to their children what embodiment truly looks like. Listen in as they explore deeply the challenges and blessings that go into parenting today. Welcome, everyone. I'm so excited to be here with you. This is the SuperPower Mommas' show and I'm your host, Laura Greco. I'm so excited to introduce a special guest, as we explore the topic, The Personal Growth Opportunity in Parenting. Tatiana Berindei is a beautiful person that I met only just a few short [...]

2018-08-10T17:16:28-07:00September 4th, 2018|

SPM – Parenting from the Concept of Consciousness

Jennifer Urezzio, Super Power Expert and Founder of Soul Language, joins Laura Greco on Super Power Mommas as they discuss parenting from the concept of consciousness. Jennifer is a master intuitive who uses her intuitive skills to help raise consciousness, she also hosts the SuperPowers of the Soul show on the SuperPower Up! Podcast. Soul Language is a paradigm to put tangibility to Soul. Jennifer is the author of: Soul Language Consciously Connecting To Your Soul for Success and A Little Book of Prayers. Listen in as Laura and Jennifer discuss the profound advantages of parenting through deepening the conscious connection between mommas, children and their Divine with the tool of Soul Language. Welcome everyone. I am so excited that you are here. You are listening to SuperPower Mommas, a show that provides tools and strategies to navigate parenting in a peaceful and intuitively divinely inspired [...]

2018-08-13T14:13:32-07:00August 21st, 2018|

SPM – SuperPower Mommas

Tonya Dawn Recla, Executive Director of ​Super Power Experts, joins Laura Greco on the debut show of SuperPower Mommas. Tonya spends her days convincing people Super Powers are real and recruiting other powerful mutants. During her career as a government Special Agent, she explored the human psyche and honed her ​Super Powers. Tonya continues as a lifelong student of energy manipulation, transmutation, clair senses, and intentional molecular creation. She believes everyone has the power to create a multidimensional existence and master the human experience. And along with all of this, she is also a momma. Listen in as Tonya and Laura share a discussion that explores what it is to be a conscious momma, raising a daughter while pursuing her purpose. Welcome, everyone. This is Laura Greco and I'm so excited to have you here. I'm one of the SuperPower Up! hosts, and today's topic is, [...]

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