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Dawn MeyerIs Access Consciousness rocket science? In this episode, it is! Our guest, Dawn Meyer, is out of this world ­– literally. She’s a rocket scientist who took the traditional elements of her work and applied them to more than the metaphysical. In this episode, Dawn explains to Tonya Dawn Recla how she uses access consciousness to do the same thing for people that she aims to achieve with rockets: help them to escape their earth-bound constrictions and elevate them to the next level. Tune in!

Hello everyone. This is Tonya Dawn Recla, your Super Power Expert. I am very excited to have with us today a super special guest, Dawn Meyer. When people say, “It’s not rocket science.” Actually it is. Today it is. Today it’s all about rocket science and how … we’re going to discuss how super powers and the art of that really relate to rocket science, because our guest just happens to be a rocket scientist. For years she helped work on the space shuttle. In a really cool kind of metaphoric twist, she worked with energy that helped the space shuttle escape the bounds of earth. Now she’s using that exact same methodology for helping people escape their kind of earth-bound constrictions, if you will. She uses Access Consciousness for that, so we’re going to be talking about how Access Consciousness explodes super powers. If you’re not familiar with the folks over at Access Consciousness, or you’re not really familiar with what it looks like when you start removing layers upon layers of the gobbledygook, the stuff that keeps us bound, this will be a really exciting show for you.

Without further ado, please join me in welcoming to the show Dawn Meyer. Welcome, Dawn.

Thank you, Tonya.

Awesome. We’re so excited to have you here. I just immediately fell in love with you when we first met, and I’ve really enjoyed building our relationship and getting to know you better. One of the things I appreciate most about you is you have this amazing powerful and unique back story, and yet you’re here. You’re helping. I use this word often for folks who share similar energy with you, but kind of understated. You wouldn’t necessarily see it coming, which I think is very purposefully a part of your makeup. I enjoy watching as you kind of gently dig in there and then kind of watch what emerges when you do. It’s been delightful for me to see you and get to know you better and to watch the work that you do in the world. Thank you.

Thank you.

We’re going to jump in and ask right away what are your super powers?

I help people launch into their superpowers

I help people launch into their superpowers.

My super power is helping people to launch into their super power, to realize that they have choices and possibilities available to them that they didn’t realize they had, that were hidden there, that now they can actually dig into those and utilize those so that they can be out there in the world being themselves, rather than being hidden underneath … even more so than if you had an alternate identity.

I love that. I think we can milk these analogies for quite a long time. It’s so perfect. Again, it’s so in alignment with who you are and the embodiment that you possess. There really is this underlying energy to you which is just fantastic. If you have an opportunity to connect with Dawn, I recommend that you do it. Let’s talk a little bit about that. You’re talking about launching your super powers. How did you get into this work, especially following on being an actual rocket scientist?

I like to tell people that really, as a little girl, I always had two things I wanted to be. I either wanted to be the first woman on the moon, or I wanted to heal people with my hands like I saw them do in sci fi movies. I didn’t really get to walk on the moon, but I did work on the space shuttle, which was a phenomenal experience for me. Then I started exploring that being able to heal people with my hands, which is when I started taking the energy work classes. For a while I was doing kind of both, but the rocket scientist thing took up most of my time. When the space shuttle program ended, rather than stay on for what is the follow-on program, I decided it was time to really get out there and do the thing that I was here to do, which is to do this energy work with people and assist them to find out that there’s so much more to being here on the planet than what they ever thought was possible for them. That’s kind of where I went.

Yes, I did spend a little time meditating on the beach and trying to decide what this was really going to look like, what I was going to be when I grew up, which I’m not sure I’m ever really going to bother to grow up. Definitely what the next chapter in my life would be like. That’s when I came across the Access Consciousness stuff for really helping me move beyond what I thought I could be and do. It’s just been a phenomenal journey just in these last few years, because I left the space shuttle program in 2011 and then I started doing the Access Consciousness stuff about six months after that.

How did you get connected with them?

What happened was I started out, I wanted to do reiki and reflexology, because I had taken a lot of classes in those things over the years. I needed to have a license to touch people here in the state of Florida in order to do that. I thought, “Well, I’m not going to be a massage therapist.” Then I went to massage therapy school. That didn’t come out exactly the way I thought. When I was in massage therapy school, one of the guys in my class, his wife was a chiropractor and she took an Access Consciousness class. He took it with her. Just as soon as he started telling me about it, I realized that I had to get some of that. It just kind of yelled at me across the room. Then I started taking the classes.

Very cool. Let’s tell folks a little bit about Access Consciousness, because I know a lot of people are familiar with it, but not everyone is. How would you describe that?

Access Consciousness is a set of tools that really allows you to start exploring who you really are. It allows you to realize that you know so much more than what you think you know about how the world really works, how reality works, how reality doesn’t work, and what you can be and do. You just have to allow yourself to know that you know that.

Beautiful. That’s so in alignment with stuff over here at Super Power Experts. In fact I have followed Gary and Dain’s stuff and I’m a big fan of Access Consciousness. I haven’t gotten totally embedded into it, but did do the bars class. I’m a big big big fan on their take on things. It really is a highly highly empowering way to approach your own evolution. That’s one of the things that I appreciate about it the most, just the outreach they’ve had really opening people up to possibilities. A huge shout out to Gary and Dain and what they’ve created over there, and to all of the folks like yourself who take on Access Consciousness and really share it with the world. I believe that it is one of those modalities that the more far reaching it goes, the more energetically exponential growth that we’re going to see in folks. There’s been a number of modalities that have crossed my desk here over at Super Power Experts that I know have the ability to be kind of world wide impactful and that’s certainly one of them.

It is a phenomenal set of tools. It really allows people to move very quickly through things that other modalities would take years longer to get through. I had been doing all sorts of different things for 10 or 15 years before I found Access. I have gotten through so much crap in that period of time that I just had been working on and working on and working on and it didn’t go anywhere. Once I started using the Access tools, that really started shifting what happened.

Let’s talk about that a little bit, because part of … one of the things I’m really curious about is that a lot of these modalities and a lot of these techniques that people use, the bias is is that we can jump ahead and just use it. I know a lot of the work that moves energy through the body, pulls stuff out, this and that. I have a theory or a hypothesis that I’m kind of playing with, but I can’t really find any empirical evidence that it’s true. My instinct tells me it is. What it circles around is the idea that, you just gave voice to it, the idea that Access Consciousness is this expediter. You do this stuff and it really moves you quickly through some things like something else didn’t. My question is how much of the success of that do you attribute to having done other work prior?

Certainly the work that I did prior opened me up to the possibilities. Had I just been going along thinking that everything is fine and this is all I need to do and be, I wouldn’t have been looking for Access when I found it. It certainly introduces you to a number of concepts, the reiki and the other energy work that I had done opened me up to the fact that there was more and that it was part of me, even if I didn’t realize it was.

I like that answer.

Once I found the Access stuff, it was getting through the layers of limitations that I had created and believed were real that were keeping me from actually being that.

I like that. It’s interesting because like I said, I believe that a lot of the work that most of us have done who are in a state of awareness at this stage may not be totally necessary. It’s more of an active revealing. I do think that we’re able to jump ahead and use things like Access Consciousness or some of the techniques we work with at Super Power Experts, abstract frequency and stuff. At this stage, the only people I really see, and I know who are going through these levels of work, have been at it for a little bit. It’s really fascinating to me. My gut tells me that some of these processes that we have really do expedite growth, even if people are going into it totally unaware and haven’t done some of the cognitive work or emotional work or other things. I don’t know that we have any subjects to assess that on. Even as a collective consciousness, a lot of the thoughts become things and think and grow rich and all those things are so much a part of our collective consciousness right now, I don’t know that we can ever extract that aspect of it away from the growth. Does that make sense?

Yeah. I’m not sure that we really even need to, because it’s not that it matters how you got there. As the saying says, there’s only one top of the mountain, but there are many paths that take you there.


Even if you were on 20 other paths and they moved over to this path all of a sudden, it doesn’t matter that you were on those 20 paths. They still got you to where you needed to be to make the growth happen for you. That matters.

I agree. It’s impossible to separate out the entirety of someone’s existence from the journey. We have no way of knowing what our influences have been. Even just the simple question of how did you happen upon Access, it’s like here’s a logical step by step thing that occurred, but ultimately who knows? Like the entwinements and the energy and the seeking out and … there is something about the mind wanting to grasp that, and I agree with you. I think it’s kind of the ungraspable, if you will.


Very cool. Awesome. We’ve been talking with Dawn Meyer today about how Access Consciousness explodes super powers. When we come back, we’re going to dive into this a little bit more and what the relationship is between the work that Access Consciousness does and this concept of super powers. Stick with us and we’ll be right back.

Awesome. We’re back. You’re listening to the Super Power podcast. We’re talking with Dawn Meyer about how Access Consciousness explodes super powers. Dawn, let’s jump into that. I know that in some of the Access curriculum … like I said, I’m superficially familiar with it. I know that there are discussions of abilities and kind of some of the clair senses and some of the other things. How would you describe the relationship between Access Consciousness and some of the work we do here at Super Power Experts to really help people hone their super powers?

A lot of the things that people consider to be disabilities in this reality are your super powers. They’re the things that make you in tune with so many other people that everybody else just doesn’t get. That’s kind of, when we look at the super powers that everybody has, exploring those and embracing those, even though other people think it’s weird, that’s what is really … It’s not really necessarily strictly Access, but it is definitely embraced within Access, so that you realize that even those things that people tell you are problems for you may just be your awareness of everybody else. Once you realize that and you can let go of it being their stuff, then you can really get to the things that are yours, and yours to use and explore.

Things that are weird about you are your superpowers

Things that are weird about you are your superpowers.

Ultimately the things that are weird about you may very well be indicators of your super powers?

Exactly. It’s showing you how in tune you are with all of reality and everybody else, and how you can kind of tune into them and what’s going on with them so that you can assist them. That’s kind of what I do when I’m working with people. I tune into what’s in their head, for lack of a better way to say that, so that I can start following that energy that they’re using in their lives and I can start following where that leads them as they start talking about something. Then I can say, “Wait. There’s something.” It’s like a little red flag goes up. “Oh, this is where I’ve created a limitation that’s holding me back.”

I like that one of the things we talk about here at Super Power Experts is the idea that all of our super powers always start off as challenges. With empathy, if you don’t know that you’re bringing in a bunch of emotional energy from outside of yourself, it’s very challenging for a lot of people to deal with it and it feels overwhelming. Same with mind reading. Chameleon ability has its own issues. A lot of the predisposed super power that we discussed are … What you’re talking about about maybe things that we perceive as disabilities or things that are weird about us really lend themselves nicely to cluing us in. Maybe we can even expand that out a little bit more to say that it’s the intricacies of our own personal make up that really help us look at that. If I hear you correctly, what we’re talking about is how Access Consciousness helps to reveal some of that. Is that accurate?

Yes. It helps to reveal it and to allow you to allow you. Often we don’t allow ourselves to explore that because we’re so … people emphasize so much for us to fit in. Once you realize that maybe you don’t need to fit in because if you try to fit in you’re trying to tone down who and what you really are. When I was in school, several of my teachers kept telling me that I needed to tone myself down because I was too much for the other kids and they would never like me. That was a big emphasis for some of them, was for me to fit in. I often wonder had I not tried so hard to fit in, how much more could I have expanded how much sooner? Then again, I’m where I’m meant to be right now.

And you have empathy and compassion for the folks who had similar experiences.

Exactly. I deal with a lot of people that people keep telling them that you need to fit in, you need to stop being so weird. I say, “Is that really true?” If you do that, are you being true to yourself?

I think I like to be a little dramatic about all of that and say that in our collective consciousness we have so many stories of crucifixions and witch burnings and all these other things of what has happened when you go outside the norms and the bounds of the tribe. Ironically those are our biggest and greatest success stories, are part of that also. I think a big part of what we’re all kind of banding together in this lifetime to do is to prove that fear wrong and say it is safe for us to come outside the bounds of the tribe and to be different. We’re joining up and creating a new tribe of the different. It’s almost like our own little X-Men or mutants or something that we’re saying it’s okay to be yourself. It’s not an individual thing. Although the decision is very individual, but we’re providing support and community for that. It feels like a bit of a different twist on it.

Difference is the strength you have for yourself and others

Difference is the strength you have for yourself and others.

Yes. What you realize is that difference is the strength that you have for yourself and for others. Even though … it’s the medicine person in the tribes who often helps them. Even though everybody thinks they’re strange, when they get sick who do they go see?

Right. Exactly.

When they need someone to assist them with what’s going on with their lives, they go see the clairvoyant. All of those things are where you can realize that yes, you don’t have to necessarily fit in with the tribe in order to be a benefit to the tribe and the tribe to be a benefit to you.

That’s beautiful. I really like that. It’s funny because we allow certain portions of the population to explore that more. I think celebrity. I think actors and actresses. There are certain segments of the population that we give a lot of leeway to being different and expressing individuality. Then for whatever reason that doesn’t always trickle down into our own experience. What I find is that when you are bold and you kind of push through some of those fears, the push back from other people is always less once you have conviction in stepping into it. We create the push back to test our own conviction. Once you’re solid in it, most people just accept from you what you feed them. If you’re saying this is who I am and this is what I do, as long as you’re solid in it and your energy signature’s clear, then there’s very rarely any push back about that. It seems to just be in the traversing up to that moment that it feels so scary.

Right. One of the other things that goes with that is to realize that not everybody may come along with you, and to allow yourself that also. You may not have the exact same tribe that you started with once you actually step into who you really are.

I think that’s what keeps people from doing it.

Right, because they think they need to stay with these people for the rest of their lives, and they may not. It’s just like when you’re going to school and you go from second grade to third grade, you don’t take your second grade teacher with you. You move on to the next teacher. The same way in life. You move on to other people who contribute to you and who you can contribute to. Just be grateful to the ones who step aside beside because what they were for you is finished.

Very cool. That’s a beautiful beautiful way to describe it. Let’s really quickly before we close out here talk about … let’s say folks are interested in Access Consciousness. We’ll give them a way that they can connect with you and talk about that. Let’s share with people what does it look like? The first thing with Access Consciousness is bars. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Right. The Access Consciousness bars is an energy technique that’s a hands on technique. It’s the first class that we teach as we’re going through the core classes. What it is is it’s 32 points on your head and face that relate to different aspects of your life, and where you’re storing your thoughts, feelings and emotions and limitations about those areas of your life. When those areas are gently touched during a bar session, it helps you to start letting go of those things so that those areas of your life can start shifting and changing. It’s the energy that’s holding your limitations in place and the energy that will change to help you expand. That’s usually the first class. Then the next class beyond that is called the Access Foundation, which is a four day class that gives you dozens and dozens of tools that you can use on yourself and others to really start making much more dramatic shifts in all areas of your life.

Very cool.

You have healing techniques and you have clearing techniques and it’s just a phenomenal class. I also teach other workshops and things that are for other tools that help you really get moving. I also teach something called an energetic face lift, which can really give you a whole body and life lift, really.

Awesome. Very exciting. It sounds like if people are interested, that’s a modality that they can use for some time to come and really make some changes in their lives. You can connect with Dawn. Where can we send folks to find out more about you?

My website is iampurpledawn.com.


On Facebook I’m also Purple Dawn.

I like it. Why purple?

People starting calling me Purple Dawn

People starting calling me Purple Dawn.

Purple has for most of my life been my favorite color. It’s just people started calling me that. Apparently purple just kind of fits in with my energy and what I do. I decided rather than fight it I would just embrace it and be Purple Dawn.

I love it. It’s beautiful. My middle name is Dawn, so that lends itself nicely to our synergistic activities. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I’m really excited about you representing Access Consciousness within the Super Power community because I think that any time we can create that synergistic collaboration between some of these more major modalities, we again exponentially grow what we all can do together. I, for one, am really excited about having that as a key component of our community. Thank you.

Thank you. I’m really looking forward to exploring how that works with everybody else’s modality.

Perfect. Thank you so much. To all of you out there, again, thank you for your loyalty. We appreciate it. Until next time, go out, uncover your super powers and change the world. Take care everyone.

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